Freeze all cycle FET question


Hi there,

I am 6 days past my ER, we had 16 eggs collected, 12 mature, 10 fertilised, 2 high quality 5 day blasts frozen.
My question to those who have done a freeze all, without any medication post surgery, just waiting AF:
[I]How long before your AF arrived post EC, without any medication?[/I]

Thank you!


Mine arrived about 2 weeks after ER.


Yup me too 2 weeks after the retrieval AF came with a vengence


Ah thanks guys!
I started cramping today, it really felt like AF… So keen to get moving on this FET… Maybe psychosomatic and wishful thinking. Another week to wait.

Good luck on your cycles!


Thanks for the post AngeliqueMe. I was wondering the same thing. My AF should arrive mother’s day weekend boo!


AF flow arrived! 8 days after EC… My Dr said it might come 7 days after and nurses said 14 days after. Guess Dr was right.


AngeliqueMe - My AF started today! Which is 11 days after ER. Overall I"m glad to get the ball rolling on my FET cycle :clap: Good luck to You!:bsv:


Oh lucky you!
I have to wait a whole cycle before FET next month… boo.
Dr wants my system to be properly normal and natural.
My system went through the ringer.
2 iui’s medicated started last September. Only one month off for Dec.
First ivf in Jan, became BFP, which at 8.5wks became BFN.
And then AF 6weeks later.
And then the big long stimmed cycle to get so many eggs… So I’ve been drugged up for a while…
It makes sense to wait, but I get it.



[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Sounds like you’ve been on a long journey. I hope you’re IF journey ends soon and brings you a THB! Are you starting your FET cycle in June for a July transfer? I’m praying my RE schedules me for a June transfer. It could be July 8th depending on when the office is on vacation. Thanks for the support. I’ll defiantly look out for your updates. Best wishes. :bsv: [/SIZE][/FONT]


Just saw your reply… Sometimes with this forum unless I check back on my subscriptions, I lose the updates.

How are you going?