Freinds/family that take there kids for granted


I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there who have family or friends that take their children for granted, I have 3 cousins all 24 and under who have had babies this year and they are always looking for someone to take their child and they go out and party almost daily, they all call me and ask me to take their child over night or for the whole day, it bothers me very much but I keep my mouth shut, I just want to tell them that I would give anything to have the healthy child they have and I wouldn’t waste a moment of it.
I really hope I am not alone in noticing these things about friends and family. I am just sick of them not understanding that there are people out there that would do anything and who struggle, they could care less and it hurts.


No, you are not alone. My SIL got pregnant with her 3rd child at 40 years old, not wanted, not planned for, while we were still very emotionally raw over our own IF journey. We had to suffer through years of hearing her say that she had to keep reminding herself why this child was a blessing, joking that she was one of the unlucky 0.1% that gets pregnant on the pill, how she would give anything for a whiskey sour, and complaining about how her kids “sucked the life out” of her - seriously. It was hard, and it took every ounce of self control in me not to smack her some days. Our nephew is now almost 5 yrs old, and I still feel hurt over the things she said. For the sake of your mental health, make friends with the word no. If watching their children makes you too upset, don’t do it. You need to save your strength and energy for the road ahead of you.

On the positive side, once you do have a child, you will feel a deepened sense of gratitude for the blessing of parenthood. My own mother had a difficult time getting and staying pregnant. Growing up, I always knew that I was a much wanted child. Just recently I was looking through my old baby book, and saw all these comments my mom had written about what a wonderful baby I was and how happy she and my dad were to have me. It touched my deeply, in a way I could not have comprehended growing up. I want my children to grow up with that same warm, secure feeling of knowing that they are loved, cherished, and the best thing that every happened to me.


I must agree with both of you!! I see it in my own family how my aunt treats my cousin, she is always saying how she “regrets” giving up her career for her. I see it with my friends too, how they don’t care about their kids. They take them for granted.

They DO NOT know how lucky and blessed they are by having children. Look at all of us how hard the road has been. However, I do believe we’ll be “better” moms because we know how hard was to become one.

Wish you all the best ladies!! Don’t give up, dreams do come true. Just hold on to them…



I deal with that on a daily basis even just seeing random woman in general and it’s frustrating, but I know God has a plan for us all.


I was in the grocery store today and 2 very young mothers were ignoring their screaming children. I just wanted to punch them both in the temples.