From 2 sacs to 3 sacs!!!


Has anyone experienced seeing 2 sacs early on (week 5) and then 3 sacs (week 6)? Last week, I was 5 weeks and my doctor saw 2 sacs, no heartbeat. Today, I’m 6 weeks and the doctor saw 3 sacs but only 2 heartbeats (faint but definitely beating). I’m wondering if the 3 heartbeat was not detected because of a late implant. He did say the sac is measuring about a week behind the other 2. He also said, we’ll have to wait until my next ultrasound to see if the 3rd one is going to be viable or not. I am freaking out… Please help!


we kinda had the same thing at 5 wks there was only 1 sac at 7w3d there was another sac w hb … they explained it as not gettin a good u/s or bad angle … idk but congrats:preg: :preg: :preg:


Thanks JerseyJandJ!

I guess I’ll just have to wait for my next ultrasound and see what happens.


I kind of had the same thing too, went from 1 at 5w3d to two, 2 weeks later at 7 weeks. My RE said one can hide behind another which is what they think happened with ours.