From azoospermia --> normal SA


Hi everyone, you can read my story, regarding my doctors finding last year. To this day, I am very happy because my wife and I are expecting our first child.

Here’s the blend I took for 3 months and still taking up to now. Tongkat ali, macca, vitamins E, C, B complex, Zin, Folic acid, selenium and saw palmetto. I don’r know if this cure me but, I think my prayers help a lot.



I’m so happy to hear about your story. my husband has low count, motility, and morphology. We have gone to several doctors and no one is explaining why this is happening. They prefer for us to do ivf. If we have to we don’t mind but cannot understand why no one is giving us a reason and/or treatment for the issue. He is taking proxeed and some supplements that you mentioned such as vitamin c, folic acid, and selenium. This is extremely stressful and upsetting. Glad to hear your story has a happy ending.


Conventional Medicine doesn’t like food supplements

My DH had a low sperm count. The docs said this is a classic situation for IUI. I was amazed, nobody thought about trying to fix the sperm count. The treatment for low sperm count is to put the wife on hormones?
Before starting the treatment I bought my DH Vitamale on and I made sure he takes it for 3 months. The results were great and we are now expecting our first child.

Good luck,