Frozen and Fresh Cycle Question


I feel like I should know the answer to this question, so I hope it isn’t stupid. If you have frozen embies and you also do a fresh cycle can they combine the frozen ones with the fresh ones in once cycle?


Yes, they can or at least so I was told!


Yes, they can. May I ask why you would do a fresh if you already have frozen embryos to use??? Frozen cycles are sooo easy on your body…I am a little biased since both of my boys are the product of frozen transfers :).

It would really just depend on how many embryos you created and how many you were wanting to transfer. If you were able to get numerous good embryos on your fresh cycle there may not be a reason to “waste” your frozen embryos at that time. Good luck to you!!!


Thanks. When I did my first ivf only one made it to freeze. I was trying to decide whether I would talk to my RE about doing a FET with just the one but at my age that maybe risky because if it doesn’t work then that is another month that has gone by. Just playing stuff out in my head.


We were in this same situation - one frozen embryo, never successful in the past - I went to discuss FET with RE and knew that she would say that we didn’t have time to waste and we needed more fresh/frozen embryos. Needless to say, I got AF the day before my appt, and she said why don’t we just go ahead and start…we didn’t even think about the timing b/c it never occurred to me that we would be successful! She said that there was only an ~10% chance of me getting pregnant at my age with 1 frozen embryo. It definitely makes sense to make more embryos while you can. Good luck and :babydust::babydust: