Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Stoy


After our 1st failed IVF cycle we are thinking of going for the Frozen Embryo procedure. Of course the dr. recommened we do another fresh cycle but to go through all of the meds, and expense just doesn’t make sense when we have 3 embryos just waiting for us.

Any advice, support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated :pray:


I think you are right going with a FET. We did 4 fresh cycles with no success, but we did have success with our FET. My sister was wondering if maybe the reason our FET worked was because my body wasn’t under all the stress it had been with the fresh cycles. I had three Embies by the time I was able to do the FET and only two survived to transfer. I think the success rate is suppose to be higher with fresh cycles, but I think statistics can be manipulated a bit. I think doing a FET is a great idea.

Good Luck!


I just did an IVF cycle last July ,the fresh transfer resulted in :bfn: , I did the frozen the following month (no break ) and now pregnant with twins .
I believe in the FET but I recommend doing complementary treatments with it (see my success story in FET first thread) .

It works ,Good luck


You need to find out what process your clinic uses to freeze the embrys. There’s a new process that’s been out only a couple years called vitrification that basically “flash freezes” the embryos. My doctor actually said their frozen transfer rates were as high as their fresh rates because they use this procedure. After thawing, the embryos are just as good as fresh. And not to mention so much cheaper!! Look at my signature and you’ll see why I’m all for the frozen ones!! I’m currently pregnant for the first time from a frozen transfer.


Words of Hope

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and stories of hope. Can you explain the process how long on meds before the transfer?


It depends on your particular fertility problem as well as your clinic’s specific protocol. For me, I ovulate very regularly, so my clinic simply put me on estrogen pills and patches 3 days into my cycle, then after about 11 days, I started progesterone vaginal cream then 5 days later they put in the embryos. So for me it was only 16 days from the start of my cycle to transfer. I’ve seen a lot of clinics that to control the whole process more so they’ll put you on birth control pills for like 3 weeks then lupron injections for a few more than finally start the estrogen. That can take 5-6 weeks. Each clinic really has their own protocol they’re comfortable with.


Hi Lex

My FET was with frozen vitrification. Like ahill mentioned it is a fairly new freezing procedure that causes less damage to the embreyo. I did a natural cycle since I too ovulate regularly. So I was unmedicated prior to transfer. Each center is different and I also think it depends on you. The center I went to was New Hope Fertility…they were doing a trial study, I believe most BFPs came from FET. Good luckl!!


Talked to DR today

Hello Everyone thank you again for the responses:clap:

I called my dr’s office today talked to the nurse re FET why does it seem they are trying to discourage me from FET. On my consult with the dr. he said they put the best embryos in me and the weaker ones they froze have you heard of such a thing. They continue to recommend a fresh cycle I just went through a fresh cycle and it failed. I am so frustrated I had mixed feelings about leaving frozen embryos behind. What if my miracle is in the frozen embies. I am so confused and stressed over this I just want it to work :wings: my lil angel is waiting for me.

What challenges did you face?
Did you have mixed feelings?
What success rate did your dr gave you if any?

Thank you Ladies I really need this forum!:cheer:


How old were the embryos when they froze them? Were they only 3 days old? I see you have 3 frozen. It’s a little harder for me to give you any advice if they were only 3 day embryos. My clinic only freezes “great” and “good” 5 day blastocysts. So ultimately any frozen embryo is still gonna be a “good” embryo. If yours are day 3, one way to see if they’re “good” embryos is to defrost them, then “challenge” them, meaning, try to grow them out to 5 days and see if they become blasts. If they do, chances are they’re decent embryos to try. Problem is, you risk them all arresting before day 5 and have no transfer at all. I doubt your doc would want to risk that and would probably recommend putting them back immediately. At that point I can’t begin to give you success statistics. Your doc is probably right with 20%. I still don’t understand why clinics even freeze day 3 embryos. Cause you’re unsure with the chances. Like I said before, my clinic’s success rates with frozen are as high as fresh, mainly because of what I just mentioned. Continue your research, and I know that you’ll make the right decision. Just may take a little soul searching! I wish you only the best!


I would absoluley use the frozen embryos before starting another fresh cycle. You do not have to put yourself through all those injections and it is alot less money for the FET. My Re told me they have the same success rate with fresh and frozen. Good luck :slight_smile:


I had day 3 embryos because of the low number of eggs retrieved (they were 4 only but all made grade A embryos , the fresh transfer ended in BFN and the frozen (2 frozen at day 3 ) both thawed successfully and I am pregnant with both of them (twins ) , the clinic was so sure about their survival rate (99%) and they were right , both made it and they said the sooner they are in their original home the better.
Day 3 frozen worked for me and was more successful than the fresh , in some cases , it is too risky to wait to day 5 like mine.


Appt Made

I made my appt for Nov 24 a week before my cycle :woohoo: I am so excited and hopeful. I had a long talk with the nurse I have a really good feeling about this. I will keep you posted! Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you all for your advice and encouragement Thank God for this forum.


I’d definitely do frozen first. It’s a lot easier on your body and I truly believe that’s why so many people have success with it. Don’t worry about the quality either, I had 10 frozen and just gave birth 4 months ago to our last 2 “worst quality” embryo’s out of the whole batch. Good luck! :flower:


Thank You

Thank You Sarah I am really hopeful and prayerfully awaiting our lil miracle or miracles :pray: