Frozen embryo transfer this month


Hi anyone doing a frozen embryo transfer this month?
My next(and last) one is on the 24th.


I just had a FET on 5/8! :pray:


Good luck Carolina…
:af: just came this morning so we will be starting our fet!! Very excited and anxious… hope all goes well!


FET May 2013

Pamelacakes: I had mine yesterday.


I have mine scheduled for tomorrow. :cross: and :pray: hard that my little blast survives the thaw. Will let you know how it went.


Pamelacakes… I have never POAS stick before my beta. But I’ ve only had 1 beta done before and it came back BFP. I am thinking about holding out this time as well and also making a trip to the zoo( which I did last time) …crazy me!!!