Frozen embryo transfer tomorrow...anyone is here?



Tomorrow going for FET and feeling nervous now and tensed… Anyone here? Had first fresh cycle but it was chemical but this time i just hope it will not happened… any suggestion for me? i have endo and hydro on left side so stopped dairy product, doing meditation, eating veggies, fruits, lentils, stopped sugar, eating nuts specially walnuts n almond…pls pray for me that this time get good news… I need so much hugs n pray…any suggestion for me? :(((

pls join me who is going for FET…

What you all did duribg FET?


In order to prepare for a frozen embryo transfer the most important aspect is to prepare the uterus to facilitate healthy implantation and to carry the embryo to term. It is important to eliminate toxins from the body that can be present in the mother and affect embryo development. It is recommended to follow The Fertility Cleanse for 2 months. Castor oil Therapy and Self-fertility Massage are the best ways to increase blood circulation to the uterus and increase the health of the uterine lining. These therapies should be followed each day or every other day from day 5 ( or after the menstrual cycle is over) until day 28 (or up until the periods come) for at least 2 months. It is very important to follow the guidelines of the Fertility Diet before, during and after embryo transfer and continue throughout the entire pregnancy and post-partum. Many studies have shown how acupuncture treatments help increase success rate of IVF treatments because acupuncture helps increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs and helps balance the hormonal system. Begin taking acupuncture treatments at least two months before embryo transfer to help increase uterine receptivity. The acupuncturist should be experienced with working with women who are going through embryo transfer.