Frozen oocytes not embryos


Hi All,

Not even sure if this counts as an FTE exactly. We did IVF in the fall of 2011 and were thankfully successful. We have a very happy and chubby 9 month old boy. We are now looking at when to do attempt #2 and we will be using some (hopefully not all) 10 frozen eggs that we did not fertilize.

Anyone have any experence doing it this way as opposed to frozen embryos? Since even the doctor hasn’t done too many of these just thought I would seek out some stories here. I relied on this board for a lot of support during the first IVF!



Frozen donor eggs becoming more common

Hi Susanne,

We used frozen donor eggs. There are several other ladies around here who have tried that approach, for some it already resulted in a healthy baby. It is becoming a standard and common procedure and as soon as the clinic has the right freezing and thawing technology, it should be almost as efficient as fresh eggs. My RE said that he believes that frozen eggs are maybe 10% less efficient as fresh ones: so to get the same amount of healthy embies as you would from 10 fresh eggs, you probably need 11 eggs.