Fruits and Vegetables for Fertility


Hello. I’ve read that fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, folate and lycopene are good for fertility because it improves sperm maturation and helps in ovulation and implantation. These fruits and vegetables include asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and watermelon. I admit that I seldom eat these, so maybe I should start, since it wouldn’t hurt to try. Does anyone here include these types of foods in their diet and do you think it really helps or has helped you out in your own experience?


We eat a pretty decent amount of all those things at our house, and my wife just had her 7th IUI… so in our case, no I don’t think so. But, we are willing to try just about anything so would love to hear if diet changes helped anyone else!


Eating a diet rich in “fertility foods” - vegetables, fruit, whole grains - is an important thing to do while trying to get pregnant. It can’t always fix major infertility issues, but it gives you a much better chance if you infertility is unexplained or lifestyle-based. Your body needs nutrients for its natural processes to function like they should. Taking a good multivitamin or prenatal is also necessary, as it is really difficult to get all you need from diet, and there are things your body needs to get in synthetic form (like FOLIC ACID!).

I look at it like this: There are so many things I can’t control when it comes to my fertility. Or things that cost a ton of money and time to fix. My health and nutrition is a factor I can control, so I focus on that and know I am doing everything I can. Read this article on some TTC basics, there’s some good stuff about diet and nutrition in here.

Good luck!!


Broccoli and beansprouts have I3C in them which is known to help with fertility. Too bad I can’t eat either of them out of serious dislike.


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