Frusterated at Forty


Hello everyone! I’m a newbie here. I’m 40 almost 41 and have been trying for a baby for 5 months. Recently my spouse had his sperm tested and it came back normal. I am going in for an ultrasound for fibroids Dec 6th but besides that we have been actively doin it day 7,9,11 of every cycle with no results.

I’m losing hope and every time I see a pregnant woman I want to :af: any words of advice would be wonderful right now.:grr:


Don’t lose hope! There are so many advancements and opportunities to explore. There are many women who have gotten pregnant at 40. Maybe you should think about having sex on day 13 and 15 as well. Do you know what day you typically ovulate? Are your cycles normal?


my cycles are normal. But when the doctor felt my uterus he said it felt lumpy so they are checking me for fibroids. I have heard many horror stories of hysterectomy being the only cure. But I refuse to believe my chances of ever having another child are done.

I ovulate precisely on day 10 and have a 26 day cycle. I have noticed though the last 2 cycles mid cycle spotting.


Dont lose hope so soon,I am 41 I got pregnant naturally last month it did not stick but I am not giving up yet.


Don’t let anyone take your uterus out for fibroids! Thats old school thinking. I had a 13cm fibroid taken out laprascopically back in April, and no complications. If the fibroids are internally in the uterus, you will have to get them removed. Outside to Intramural, debate on that one. Mine was outside going into the muscle, not inside the cavity yet.

I am glad I did it, as it had tripled in growth in one year due to IF treatments (the estrogen).

Good Luck,


Thank you ladies!:flower: It feels good 2 know I have support. My husband thinks I’m going :grr:


I have heard that fertil tea or burdock helps shrink fibroids. I perfer to use naturopathic methods.