Frustrated...any advice??


I started femara+follistim this month and I feel like I have so many unanswered questions. When I go to the doctor to get my follicle u/s, I feel rushed out the door because they are so busy. I really like the doctor, but the nurses are more of the problem.

Anyway, two days ago my lining was 10.8mm and I had 12 follicles (3 above 16mm and the rest were small). Today, I only had 10 follicles (1 above 22mm, 1 around 17mm and 1 around 16mm - the rest were smaller), and my lining dropped down to 8.8. I was told to take Ovidril today to trigger ovulation and come back Friday for an IUI.

My question is: is it normal for your follicle count and your lining to decrease as you are approaching ovulation? That doesn’t seem normal to me. I would have asked the nurses this question, but by the time I’m handed my sheet and have time to process everything, I’m already half way home! I also feel like if I’m taking femara + follistim, I should have more follicles that are 20mm+.

Please help with any advice or opinions. I feel so frustrated :grr:


you need to be calm and i suggest go to the doctor and tell ask him…he will be more than a help to you.