hello all.
I’ve been relatively absent since my surgery in Sept. Diagnosis was stage 4 endo, did Lupron, which was a total nightmare :grr: and am now on my 11th week since my last shot. My RE told me to expect my period within 4-6 weeks after the last shot. So, after countless negative pregnancy tests & an ultrasound which revealed nothing but a super thick lining, we’re at a standstill. RE wants me to wait another 3-4 weeks without a period & then resume Gonal-F. Has anyone else ever done lupron for endo? I’d love to hear thoughts about what we should do- stick with our RE and hope for the best or seek a second opinion.


I believe that the statistics show approximately 5%-7% of women will conceive naturally after having one child via IVF. It did however happen for my dermatologist, but I do not know the cause of her infertility. After 2 IVFs and a FET we conceived our DS. Our cause for infertility was endometriosis. We are hoping for a spontaneous pregnancy, but with my cycles becoming longer and longer I doubt it will happen naturally for us. I am seriously not looking forward to future fertility treatments. I lost my job because of them (didn’t have FMLA and was in the hospital or on bed rest constantly from OHSS) and now we have DS to take into consideration. We could live on mac and cheese and hotdogs, he can’t. One of my friend lost a tube due to an ectopic pregnancy. She tried IVF yet the cycle failed. She conceived the old fashioned way. My cousin with unexplained infertility did IVF and conceived on her second attempt. She got pregnant naturally the following year. It can happen. I’ve known some women online who conceived the old fashioned way when they thought IVF was their only option. I hope this happens for you!