FSH question


Hi ladies,

something has been bugging me for sometime. When I first saw my RE a year ago my FSHcame back at 15.5. We were devastated. RE wanted to move straight to IVF but my insurance would only cover IVF if we did 6 IUI’s so we started the process. So over the last 8 months we have done 6 iui’s (all failed, no progesterone support with a 10 day LP) and 1 IVF (failed). But each time they took my 2 or 3 day FSH and other levels over hte past 8/9 months or so, my FSH levels have all been NORMAL. I am talking between 5.9 and 8. All my other levels havebeen normal as well except high estrogen in September which caused me to ovulate on the bcp.

So do you think my RE elevates FSH levels to get clients to move to IVF faster? I know it’s a crzay question but he did instruct the lab to make my hisbands morphology % lower than it is, so that insurance would cover ICIS which kind of threw us a bit.

I am not in denial that we do have an issue (still not pregnant) and my age is a factor. I also have a short LP that has never been addressed or treated, polyps and cysts.

But is my RE shady or can FSH be so high and then normal for the entire year that follows? Anyone experience this?



FSH will fluctuate month to month, I don’t think your Dr. would do something like that, BUT I do suggest you go to a doctor that is FSH/DOR friendly. Finding the right doctor and lab is very important when you are dealing with DOR because of the very few eggs you will retreive.


I think I would look for a new re or at least a consult for a second opinion. I think if you’re seeing or feeling like they are shady would be a reason for another consult.

Good luck!!!


Well, if he’s willing to do that, then you have reason to question the rest.

Have all of your FSH levels been run at the lab in the clinic? Or have you had any run at an external lab?