Fsh shots/gonal-f and success stories


Hi all,

Looking to hear of anyone’s stories of using fsh or gonal-f shots. I am going to be starting them this month and need some encouragement here or words of advice. Working on our 13th month TTC and are getting anxious and frustrated.

I do have PCOS and have heard these shots help. Will also be doing IUI as well as Clomid too. Very excited and ready to try something new. One step closer to conception. Crossing my fingers everyday! :pray:


That wasn’t my protocol, but wanted to wish you good luck! All the drugs and things can be so hard and frustrating, but I’m sure you’ll get there! You’re definitely on your way! :babydust:


the fsh injections worked for me! i did one cycle where we combined with clomid and tho i ovulated, i did not conceive. the two cycles where i did only fsh i conceived each time. i also have pcos.