Full flow, BFP, Low progesterone


I haven’t posted in awhile, but really need some support right now.

I had my 4th injectible IUI on Dec 21st. 7 days later, I started spotting RED for 3 days and then it turned into full flow (heavy) AF for 3 more days. I already counted the cycle out and went to a baseline appt to start over. I got a call back that afternoon and they said we can’t start another cycle because my beta came back at 13. My progesterone was .4. I figure it dropped like that because I had my period. 2 days later, I go in for another beta and it came back at 38, prog now .8. Ugh this can’t be good, right? Since the number doubled, they had me start progesterone suppositories (3x/day) and come back in another 2 days. Today was that day. My beta came back at 95 and prog now up to 1.9. So now they had me start PIO shots and I’ll go back Friday to see how its progressing.

The DR said I should be ready to do an ultrasound by the end of next week. The biggest concern I have- is it ectopic?? This whole situation is weird and I can’t find any info on anyone having a similar experience.
I am accepting all prayers and any thoughts on this.

Thank you so much!


Hey there! First of all congrats on the bfp! I don’t know if you can tell whether it’s ectopic just by the hcg increase. It could be that this baby just does not want to let go. I hope it’s a viable pregnancy and the PIO shots should help with the low progesterone. I am sorry I don’t really have any valuable information. We are here for you. Hang in there, I know easier said than done. You can see at the end of my signature I had to play the waiting game. Mine turned out unsuccessful but your hcg numbers are doubling so that is good!


Sorry I meant to say can’t tell if it’s ectopic by the info given. I think that is primarily determined by whether or not tissue shows up in the uterus when the ultrasound is performed. I could be wrong though… I will be thinking of you.


Hi Slopes- thanks for your reply! I am waiting to hear what my 4th beta is now and then an US will probably be done late next week. It’s just such a weird cycle I don’t have no clue what to make of it. Of course I am praying for the best but I am much better at expecting the worst. Oye. Such a journey! I’m sorry yours turned out unsuccessful but hopeful this journey won’t be much longer for the both of us! I just want answers. It’s the waiting and wondering that make me crazy.


I know what you mean by wanting answers! I scoured the internet for info when I got wacky hcg numbers. Hang in there.


Still going through it! I had an US yesterday morning and nothing could be seen anywhere- uterus or tube. Then my beta came back at 1403, so I have to go back from another US tomorrow. (Friday) The DR said we won’t be able to see anything until it’s over 1500. So there was panic yesterday, for no apparent reason. Oye- I can’t wait to have some answers!