Fundraising for IVF?


Has anyone ever done any kind of fundraising or got donations to help with the costs for IVF. We are struggling with the fact that IVF is close to $15,000 and no insurance coverge for any of it. We are in a state that won’t offer any thing for fertility. :grr: I know many other women have had to explore this option for fertility and just wondering how you did it. Any suggestions would help we would like to do our first cycle in March if possible.




I see we are both having the same problem. I have been trying to think of fundraising ideas myself. I just got a IVF scholarship through INCIID but I have to raise $3,500 for treatment. I was thinking about maybe selling candles or maybe doing some sort of website to raise money. I’m hoping to come up with a creative idea by tonight. Good luck and keep me posted if you come across any ideas.



I used fundraising for my last IVF cycle. After already paying for two failed cycles! There was no way I was going to be able to afford a 3rd.

An old friend of mine heard about my husbands and my struggle and offered to hold a fundraiser through Thirty-One Gifts to help us raise money. With the success of the fundraiser we were able to start another cycle. We did an IVF w/ ICSI and part donor sperm cycle which turned out to be a success.

Since our successful cycle was brought to us through an act of kindness, my husband and I wanted to give back and help others in need as well. I donated my left over eggs from an IVF cycle to one family in need. Since i could not do this multiple times, I decided to become a sales consultant for Thirty -One Gifts and help others do fundraising for infertility treatments or adoption.

If you are still in need of a fundraiser I would be happy to send you information on fundraisers.

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