Fundraising Ideas


Cross posting, hope I don’t get in trouble…

Has anyone here done fundraising for their IF treatments? One of my best friends suggested we (she and I, as my DH is a truckdriver and has an erratic schedule) work on some fundraising ideas.

Outside of the traditional bakesale, what other ideas have you all heard of? One thing I’ve thought of doing is making zippered bags, and selling them at the craft shows in our area. I love to sew, and have an over-abundance of fabric scraps from quilting and making my own clothing…

Looking for some ideas and honest opinions!

Wishing you all the best! :flower:


I’d say sew together stuff and sell on ebay, at craft shows like you said, or craigslist. Get rid of any stuff you can think to make money.

Here are some ideas i found online

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Do a search online about how to fundraise for infertility treatments.


After tens of thousands of dollars in treatments I have had to come up with all kinds of ideas…

  1. Sell stuff on Craigslist/E-bay/Etsy/etc…
  2. Host a Bunco/Ucher/Bridge tourny, people donate $20ish dollars to play and get a prize if they win
  3. Many areas they have kids consignment sales, offer to tag other peoples stuff for 50% of the profits
  4. have a “Pre-Baby” shower, people come to the party and instead of gifts they buy a shot, u/s, pill, ect… you could send out a registry that you make up.


Those are all excellent ideas! Thank you both so very much!

Best wishes to you!