Future mommies!


Hello all of us future mommies!

I had an IUI on November 21st. I had some spotting the day of because of the tenaculum that had to be used on my cervix. after about 8 days I was mildly cramping and had some bad nausea and headaches and was extremely tired…all of that is still going on now. AF :af: was supposed to to come today but I started spotting and have had what is a normal flow since saturday. I had no cramping, or anthing else that goes along with a normal period for me.
Out of curiousity I took a HPT and it didn’t show anything in the result window. So I threw it away. About 3 hours later curiousity was killing me so I looked at it and I had a faint :bfp:.
Is this a fluke or could I actually be pregnant even though I’m having what I think is my period?

All insight is welcome!!! Thanks so much!!!

Baby dust to all!


I’d take another test. This same thing is happening to me right now. I started AF on Dec 1st and on Dec 3rd i had a :bfp: and just had bloodwork today and I’m officially :preg: but with a low beta. Also you need to have your progesterone tested. Goodluck!!



I would call your dcotor, not sure about the test showing postive. I was always under the impression after about 10 mins most tests are inaccurate if you look at them. Also, do you have the HCG trigger shot? They say that can cause you to get a false reading also. I will cross my fingers for you that you are :preg: ! Good Luck!


I’m planning on retesting tomorrow.

Also, I did a Novarel injection for ovulation 2 days before my IUI.


[QUOTE=Ally45669]I’m planning on retesting tomorrow.

Also, I did a Novarel injection for ovulation 2 days before my IUI.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, its been to long for it to still be the trigger. And while you waited past the 10mins to look at the test. If the line is pink its most likely a real one. Goodluck testing tomorrow :slight_smile:


[B]You have to look at the test in that 10 minute time…looking at a test three hours later is not accurate. My negative test after a while it turns to positive. I would retest again just to Make sure. Goodluck![/B]


I took another hpt this morning with a very faint positive result. Called the doctor and went to the hospital for a blood test. She called about 3 hours later and confirmed I am in fact :preg:
But my level was only 13 so they are redoing the blood work on Thursday and she said we would go from there!!


That dang number 13 LOL, that was my beta yesterday. But remember its gotta start somewhere. You probably just implanted. I hope you get a nice doubling number on Thursday. But for now enjoy it, you are :preg: . I go in for a repeat tomorrow. :cross:


Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you!!