Ganirelix Acetate and Ovidrel


I’m supposed to have my ER on Monday, and the doctor told me to take the GA shot in the morning tomorrow (Saturday) and Ovidrel at night. I took GA around 12 pm today, so if I take it at 7 am tomorrow, would it be too early? Should I take it around the same time as I did today? I’m worried that I’m taking the Ovidrel too early, but I think my RE knows what she’s doing.


Exact timing of the Ovidrel is very important.

The ganirelix, not so much. It works for 24+ hours to prevent an LH surge. Once you take the Ovidrel, an LH surge becomes almost irrelevant, because the Ovidrel does exactly what the LH would do anyway.

But only your clinic can tell you what is acceptable.


Oh thanks! I’m supposed to take Ovidrel at 10:00pm on Saturday but I was a little confused about the ganerelix. I guess I’ll just take around the same time I did today.