Hi, All,

My fiancee went in for a follicle check this morning after 100 mg of Clomid days 5-9. Today is cycle day 13 and she has two follicles on her right ovary, 14mm and 15mm. The doctor gave her Ganirelix and told her to inject it on Sunday morning “just in case” she ovulates too soon. I feel like he is doing this out of convenience because he doesn’t want to go into the office to recheck her on Sunday, but maybe that’s just me feeling frustrated for her (and for me). I wonder if his plan would be any different for her if today was Monday instead of Friday? So, the plan is the take the Ganirelix (.5mL) on Sunday morning (he said whenever she wakes up, sometime between 7-10) which will prevent her from ovulating and then to go back for labs and ultrasound on Monday morning. From there, he will hopefully trigger her and bring her back on Tuesday for insemination. This will be her third IUI. I just don’t understand about the Ganirelix – she will have an injection to prevent her from ovulating, and then 24 hours later she will have the HCG shot to make her ovulate/release? How long does the Ganirelix shot last in her system and might this prevent her from being inseminated this cycle? Thanks, in advance!


That sucks, but some RE’s clinics aren’t open on the weekends. Atleast he’s giving her something to prevent ovulation over the weekend. Some RE’s wouldn’t even bother with it. I have never had to take that injection… yet. So i have no clue how long it last in your system. But i know its given to girls who are doing IVF and getting close to ovulation and its used to hold them off until HCG and retrieval.



I am not familiar with IUI at all, but have used ganirelix in all of my IVF cycles. The doctor may want her follicles to grow just a little more until they are big enough to trigger, and the ganirelix will help stop ovulation to let them grow. That way on Monday, they will be nice and mature. If she ovulates early, the eggs may not quite be mature enough for the IUI to be a success. Again, I only know IVF, but those are my thoughts. Good luck!