Gatorade and certain sodas contain brominated vegetable oil- is bad for fertility


I will not be drinking Gatorade after ER. According to webmd, bromine which is what the vegetable oil attaches to to keep drinks well mixed, is in the same chemical family as a chemical that is used as flame retardant. They say only certain flavors of Gatorade have brominated vegetable oil but I will not be drinking any at all. Just wanna pass around because RE offices recommend to drink tons of Gatorade after ER. The only time I drink it is during ER and i always thought it tastes weird.

Shape Mobile - Misc - PepsiCo to Remove Flame Retardant BVO from Gatorade


It is disgusting what companies would do to make money. Apparently, bromine is banned in Europe. After reading about this in the news I got really worried about the effect drinking Gatorade can have on my babies. I drank it after ER, then stopped for awhile. But after a visit to RE at either around 6 or 8 weeks I started drinking it again since he said it helps maintain the level of electrolytes, which you lose with morning sickness.


There was just a show on Dr.OZ about this and at the end of the show he had an “update” and said he received a letter from the makers of Gatorade ( Pepsi) that they were going to take this out of Gatorade starting in March 2013 I believe. But it will probably take a while to get the new stuff to the stores, etc.
INterestingly enough Mt. Dew has the higher content of it and they refuse to take it out of Mt. Dew. Once I heard this I always wondered if that was perhaps my husbands’ problem. He would (and still does) drink TONS of Mt. Dew everyday and yet doesnt think that and smoking has ANYTHING to do with his Terrible Sperm Morphology…:mad:
Anyways, this stuff is no good for you even if you ARENT ttc, so id stay away from Mt. Dew anyways. Not to mention the Horrible sugar and caffeine content in it!!!


My DH also drank several cans of mountain dew when he was a teenager coupled with not eating healthy food while he was young = busy parents no time to cook. He has bad morphology. I read an article about what we eat now will affect our future generations fertility.


There are plenty of other things you can drink to get electrolytes. There are other sports-centered brands such as Hammer Nutrition and Nuun that take a more natural approach to electrolyte replacement. Also a natural source is coconut water. Gatorade is mostly sugar (not too mention the bromine discovery), and if a real, elite athlete wouldn’t touch the stuff (which they won’t outside of commercials) we shouldn’t either!


I wonder if you bought the powdered cans of Gatorade and then mixed it yourself if it would still have it? Time to go check ingredients!

UPDATE: OK. I literally just bought Gatorade yesterday and I bought three colors of the original. Orange, purple/blue-ish and yellow. The only one with BVO is Orange. I went to their web site and looked at the powder ingredients if you want to mix it yourself and it appears pretty safe to still use that way - all flavors.

Granted, it is easy to make an electrolyte solution but post-IVF ER Gatorade is a nice, easy electrolyte solution that is pre-made.