Gearing up for IVF, please do suggest how can I prepare myself


We are getting ready for IVF probably in 2-3 months. I want to maximize the chances of success. So can you share on how to prepare oneself as in - exercises, specific diet plan, any pre-natal multivitamins, preparing mentally, how improve the quality of eggs . Looking forward to your posts.


Follow the following rules:

  1. Avoid stress.
  2. Do yoga regularly.
  3. Do walk regularly.
  4. Eat fresh fruits.
  5. Eat green vegetables more.
  6. Follow the guidelines of doctor which he will suggest you.


[QUOTE=“sumitasharma, post: 1792138, member: 85508”]Follow the following rules:

  1. Avoid stress.
  2. Do yoga regularly.
  3. Do walk regularly.
  4. Eat fresh fruits.
  5. Eat green vegetables more.
  6. Follow the guidelines of doctor which he will suggest you.[/QUOTE]
    Thanks Sumita. I will follow above rules.


Hello, marchie! Personally I keep well-balanced eating.
So some of these are for when you’re ALSO pregnant.
For protein - Chickpeas, lentils, beef, hummus, cheese, yoghurt (Greek yoghurt is great for protein), seafood sticks. Don’t forget omega-3 in fish (Limit portions though). Folic acid in green leafy veg, vitamin d in eggs. Fortified milk and some cereals and I think whole meal bread. Cereals will also have iron. Have an orange for the vitamin c to help with iron absorbance. A whole orange is better than drinking juice as less sugar and more fibre. You’ll want lots of fibre when you do become pregnant. Things get a bit sluggish in that department! Porridge is good. I have it with berries and yoghurt.
Also eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Tonight we are on homemade chicken wraps with wholemeal tortilla wrap. With plenty of mixed peppers and salad but today is Sunday. I allow myself a treat today in form of having a small cake!
And NO stress anyway!!
Good luck! x


HI SamanthaSun,
Thank you so much for reply. I am trying 100% to get all these precious little vitamins, fibers, folic acid and list just goes on :). Thanks again and Good luck


HI All,
I have a lovely update to share :slight_smile: .
It is 3 days post embryo transfer now. Everything is going well. I had retrieved 8 eggs, out of which 7 were mature and 5 fertilized. We put in 2 healthy and happy embryos on day 3. Now I am resting and in 2 week wait period. My precious little embryos are growing happily and healthily. Keep growing my darlings!!!


Good luck, hope everything will work out for best


Hey thanks xeniamo, wish you good luck too. Positive, good wishes help me stay positive and good too. So thanks from the bottom of my heart :slight_smile:


HI All,
I am one day away from my blood test after embryo transfer. I want to express my thanks to all before I get into result things tomorrow :).
At this point of our journey, I want to thank my doctors, nurses, my dear husband and our forum who are there for me and would continue to be there for me.

We are anxious about tomorrow’s results, but we are ready to embrace and respect them :slight_smile:
I have promised myself to be positive and to believe in my body’s ability, intelligence.


Marchie- I hope yr cycling will be positive.
Although I am a bit late with links, but think they might be useful for someone else: thehealthsite com/pregnancy/dos-and-donts-during-ivf-treatment-d0116/ and primaryivf comau/2016/02/08/preparing-your-body-for-a-healthy-pregnancy/ xx


Thank you for your wishes and helpful links :slight_smile:


BFN … started bleeding night before HCG test
Do not have frozen eggs either, so no back up.
Its okay…decided to unwind…talk to doctor




IVF cycle is an emotional, physical, stressful and financial investment. It takes around 20 to 25 days to complete the entire procedure of IVF. More emotional stress was common at the time of the treatment and the patients need to cope up with the fear that the cycle will become successful or not. The key success links for the IVF cycle are the healthy and good quality eggs and a healthy endometrial lining. Every patient has some needs that were to be addressed at the time of treatment and women should take care of their nutritional diet and their weight. Here are the some important steps that need to be considered physically at the time of IVF treatment.
The food should be high quality and low glycemic index food. Intake of healthy whole grains is also recommended.

  • Women should avoid foods like hydrogenated oils, processed foods, sugars and alcohol.
  • Nuts, seeds, avocado, pure fish, unrefined oils should be compulsory in healthy diet every day.
  • Exercises were most important in reducing stress at the time of treatment. Doing gentle exercise, mild walking and fertility related yoga is compulsory.
  • For most improved IVF outcomes, acupuncture and medication are compulsory as they both avoid stressful conditions and make mind fresh.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided at the time of treatment. Avoiding of caffeine after the transfer of embryos is compulsory.
  • Eat organic and low pesticides sprayed food.
  • Regular checking of the thyroid and checking of hormone levels is compulsory.
  • Take a healthy sleep for one month prior to the IVF treatment. Sleeping in complete darkness improves the natural melatonin, which develops follicle.
  • Take Omega 3 fatty acids improve the embryo development.