General Question about fer. meds


I am starting out on 2.5 mg of Femara and expressed concern to my RE’s nurse they said they are afraid will overstimulate if do Femara 5.0. I am kinda feeling like a bust already thought because on 50 mg of clomid I didn’t ovulate.:grr: Thoughts and Ideas appreciated :flower:


I dont have experience with Femara but I do with Follisitm. I was a slloooow responder but at the end before IUIs I had good amount of follies to show for it. Trust your RE its better to just try the doses slowly moving up if necessary than to jump into high dose and get a bunch of follicles and possibly OHSS or something. I was not a good clomid responder to 50 and other doses (see sig) but injectibles was another ballgame. and with injectible RE can play with dose and up it as needed… RELAX! :slight_smile:
:cross: :babydust: for yoU!