Genetic Screening


Just wondering, I am trying to decide if I want to do the genetic screening of the embryo’s, is it worth the extra $4-$5g? My wife and I have no History of Genetic Issues (such as Down Syndrome, etc) so should we just chance it without the screening? Any input would be appreciated!


Me: 23 --low sperm count, poor motility/morphology
DW:26 --No issues


I think if you have no history of genetic issues, then no. I also think your wife’s age is in her favour - her eggs will likely be very healthy. Just my two cents.


I think this depends on how many IVF’s/treatment cycles you have tried. It takes on average 2.5 IVF’s to get pregnant so if you have no reason to believe that your embryo’s are genetically defective and you haven’t tried a couple times then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Also, there are lots of non-invasive blood tests you are wife can get to rule some of them out. Such as TaySachs and Cystic Fibrosis, but again if there is no genetic reason to test for them (i.e. family history or jewish or other certain ancestry) then again probably not needed.

Some disorders, however, are not necessarily something you can see in your background or family history though because they are things that would keep the embryo from progressing or that might inhibit implantation or inhibit growth or cause miscarriage (such as some trisomies) so these are more tricky to detect in family history. Also some may just have manifested as infertility since infertility itself can be a genetic issue (of course that is usually manifested in being completely sterile such as in Klinefelders syndrome though that one has physical characteristics that might clue you in to that in your family history) but the point is the offspring die off before ever really starting or cannot reproduce if that makes sense so…this becomes much more suspect if you seem to have good enough embryo’s and yet have recurring chemical pregnancies or miscarriages. So in my opinion you would only want to do testing on the embryo’s if 1.) you have some reason to think your embryo’s are abnormal or have some history of a certain gender being affected by your history or 2.) you don’t know what else could be causing non-successful cycles and have tried a couple unsuccessfully first. and 3.) you have plenty of embryo’s to test as you lose some in the testing process.

That is my thoughts anyway.

Good Luck! :flower:


There are several reasons for getting PGD:

(1) If you and your wife are both carriers of serious genetic diseases because you both can pass it on to your children. I didn’t know I am a carrier of a genetic disease until i got tested. But it’s not an issue if my husband is not a carrier as well. I had this test done through Recombine, it’s a saliva sample. This type of PGD will test for only the specific genetic disease that you requested and I just had a
consult with Reprogenetics. They said it will take them 12 weeks to prepare for the specific genetic disease test that I requested.

(2) Multiple chemical pregnancies or miscarriages. Some embryos don’t divide properly because of abnormal chromosome arrangements. This type of PGD is called CGH to check for aneuploidy. You can have abnormal embryos even if neither one of you have translocation.

(3) One of you have abnormal arrangements in your chromosome but you are normal and healthy. Meaning you may have translocation in your chromosomes but you are just a carrier. You can test this through karyotype it’s a blood test. I think they also check this using CGH.

Whether you should get PGD or not, I think really it depends on how many cycles you are willing to spend your money on. The cost of PGD is the same as the cost of an FET cycle. There really is no telling if the first cycle will work. Your embryo quality may be good but then the uterus also needs to be receptive for the embryos. And PGD is just a screening tool, you can do PGD and have all embryos abnormal and nothing to transfer. Sorry if I sound negative here but I’m just trying to lay out all possibilities. My DH have low morphology and I think is one reason why our embryo quality is poor besides my aging eggs. The ICSI procedure does not pick the healthiest sperm, just sperms that look normal. Well, I hope you can decide. Best of luck!

As for me and my DH we are getting PGD but as you can see from my siggy we had 3 chemical
pregnancies and my uterus has been checked for all kinds of tests and it’s normal. We believe it is our embryos. Would we have done it before to avoid multiple cycles? I think so. It is more devastating to have chemical
pregnancies and miscarriages than a complete BFN.