Genetic testing labs


I’m pricing labs for Sickle Cell (Aneuploidy testing and single gene testing) and Down Syndrome.
I was looking into Natera they quoted me 1500 but today I was told that was incorrect. They range from $4500-$6500.

So can someone suggest a lab

  1. Cost
  2. Personal experience with service
  3. Successful :bfp:

Thank you.


Hi Logan - we used this company out of Detroit (we are in Boston)
Genesis Genetics | Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) | Home

They were fabulous! When I had my consult call she took her time and explained everything.
The cost for us was $2400 (we did PGS) and we were fortunate that we were reimbursed because it was required due to genetic carrier testing.
The billing department women were so friendly as well - they even sent a new invoice broken down by everything that was done for our insurance claim.
I am just about to hit 15 weeks!

Good luck!


Hi Logan! I know we PM’d a bit about this, but $1500 is what I paid at Natera for PGS, plus $375 for shipping.

PGS looks at all chromosomes for anueploidy so it would detect Down Syndrome.

I wonder if the Sickle Cell portion is what would change the cost though?


Kdiadora- Thanks that was the next one on our list. Did you do a Fresh cycle with them?

Buttercup-We don’t know why it went up…but also if she go with Natera. That will have to be a FET

What is the difference between PGS and PGD?


PGD is a way to determine whether an embryo is carrying the genetic material associated with a specific genetic disease
PGS can tell how many of each chromosome are in the cells of an embryo
Basically PGD is more involved with the testing of the embabies…this is what I was told of course :slight_smile:
We did do a fresh cycle this last time - we figured let’s leave our frostie alone for the time being.


Thank you Kbdiadora that may explain the price. She have to do PGD because her and DH are both Sickle Cell Trait Carriers that’s a “genetic disease”


You are welcome - best of luck to your friend!
The only other thing that I will mention - the wait is a million times worse than the 2ww! We had no clue how many were tested/how many were normal until I was in the hospital gown, sitting in the chair waiting for the transfer…they had just received the results that morning. So just let her know that she may not get updated information on what’s going on - what they said, no news was good news :flower:


So glad I found this thread!!

Hi everyone,

I was quoted at Reprogenetics:
2500 biopsy
1700 FISH
300 for technician to come
350 for courier

I think it is expensive compared to other posts.

What do you think?

Should I try another lab or is it expensive b/c the outside embryologist is coming to do the biopsy. I’m confused, no one is giving correct info it’s like pulling teeth.

I’m cycling at LI IVF , does anyone know if in house embryologists do biopsy? I have to call Monday to ask doctor?