Gestational Surrogate in case of unexplained repetitive preganancy loss


Has anyone ever been recommended gestational surrogacy in the case of unexplained repetitive pregnancy loss? Did you have any success with a gestational surrogate?


I know of a few people who have had this recommendation, but tried one last time on their own after seeing Dr. Braverman. They finally had success. I think you should also check out There are Intended Parents on the forum and you might get a better response there. Good luck. What clinic do you go to?


Momtohowmany: Thank you very much for your reply. I will post my query on the site you suggested. I live in Sweden and have tried 2 different clinics here - the system in the U.S. seems to be pretty different from the system here. Doctors in Sweden, in general, seem to be pretty conservative as compared to the U.S. and don’t like to try new or different approaches. I haven’t actually been recommended a GC but read somewhere that it could help in cases of repetitive IVF failure, so am trying to find out more about this.


Hi there! I had 3 unexplained pregnancy losses, after getting pregnant in natural way. I mean without using reproductive technologies. I was thinking to try surrogate motherhood cause I thought the reason for my losses was my inability to carry a child. But when I consulted my doctor then she told that it was not the reason. The reason for the gestational surrogacy is to have repetitive pregnancy losses after IVF. Cause you may have had losses because something is wrong with your eggs or the sperm of the partner, not obligatory with your womb… And after several tries of IVF, when you got eggs from different donors it becomes obvious that problem is with you. But in my case I tried IVF and got pregnant from the second attempt. Anyway you should talk to your doctor.
Good luck everybody. And sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker xo


Hi LuckyLum,

Your English is good! Thank you for sharing your experiences.