getting my HSG tomorrow - tips??


hi ladies! i’m still very new around here but have loved exploring and learning more about this site! :slight_smile: excited to have this community of support!

i’m getting my HSG tomorrow and have my antibiotics for tonight… advil for tomorrow. :wink: i decided to skip the valium and just be ‘brave.’ lol anyone want to share their HSG experiences and/or words of advice?

:cross: that everything looks clear! i’m already on a clomid cycle (today is CD 7; doing 100 mg CD 5-9) and :pray: that there isn’t any further issue for us!



just try to relax during the procedure and hold somebody’s hand…the worse is obviously when the doc injects the dye, and DH’s hand was white from me squeezing it! it goes pretty quickly and for me, it was just a relief knowing everything was wide open! good luck…-a-


angelcare75 - thank you so much for your advice and for sharing your experience!! i’m hoping DH can join me tomorrow, but am not sure if he is the one taking me (or if it will be my mom). ready to get it over with! xo


hi ladies!! just wanted to quickly report that the HSG went well and both tubes are wide open! everything looked great!

i’d rate the HSG a 7 out of 10 in terms of pain. it was more extreme discomfort than actual pain… that said, i did take my 3 advil about an hour beforehand. grateful it is over!! now continuing on with treatment – today is my last clomid dose for the cycle! xo