Getting through the TWW


I’m in the middle of my TWW and I’m going crazy. Do you ladies have any tricks for getting through the TWW with your sanity still in place at the end? Any good books? Anything? A girl can only go on Pinterest so many times a day.


I’ll be in my 2ww next week, but I have been in the torture of a 2ww before & know what you are feeling. Maybe try watching some good movies (comedy) to laugh & get your mind off of it (if that’s possible!). Read a book or browse through some magazines. Go shopping. If you like to cook or bake, then get in the kitchen & put something together. Try to stay busy… This is easier said than done… I KNOW!!!

That’s all I got… Hope it helps! I also hope you get your + soon!!! GOOD LUCK!!! :babydust:


@BabyBuddy your journey seems so similar to mine. I’ve been trying to conceive for almost 10 years. I’m on RE #2, had hysteroscopy that resulted in polyps being removed & D&C. Had numerous tests and meds that have included injectibles and one other IUI. Took about a 2 year break and tried to conceived naturally. No luck. IUI scheduled for tommorrow. Took Letrozole CD 3-7 plus trigger shot this cycle.


Wow… that sounds so similar to my journey! We also took a 2 year break from it all… it became so stressful & straining upon us! It’s been a long journey. Sorry I am just now responding… I didn’t see this post until now. I hope this cycle brings you success!!! I am due for my IUI tomorrow (Monday). Looks like we will be in the 2ww together!


My house is never cleaner than during the 2ww. I clean, clean, clean. Then sort cupboards out, then clean some more.

So, no, no wise words of wisdom here. I just try to keep occupied, which is easier said than done I know.

Best wishes for your +ive.


I’ve been baking like crazy just to keep busy. I think my poor husband is about to blow up from cupcakes.

:bsv: to all you ladies!


[quote=PinkyLee]I’ve been baking like crazy just to keep busy. I think my poor husband is about to blow up from cupcakes.

:bsv: to all you ladies![/quote]

Good! I love to bake as well!
I had my IUI today… let’s hope this works!!! :babydust:


Fingers crossed for you!!!


This part of the cycle may be exhausting and agonising. And it is not unusual to feel a bit isolated and insecure waiting for the answer. After all those doctor’s appointments, consultations, scans and tests, there is nothing you can do but wait. Each day you may be monitoring your body for signs of early pregnancy. For us it is like being on a rollercoaster of hope and fear. I guess you may consider the following tips to help you cope better. They did help me while through our de ivf.
Have a support – either from your partner or someone in the family or a friend who is optimistic and positive. But try to limit the number of people you tell about your cycle and let them know how you will share the outcome of the cycle. Some couples tell their family and friends, "No news is bad news," to eliminate the need to call them with bad news. Many women find internet IVF forums a great source of help.
Make sure you rest – after the transfer have a few day’s rest if possible. You do not have to stay in bed but try to relax, watch movies, listen to music, curl up on the sofa and read a book, enjoy a lovely meal. It may be helpful to take some time off work. It may not work for every woman and some women prefer to get back to work straight away as concentrating on tasks at work may help to take their mind off the treatment but for women whose jobs are very stressful or physically demanding is better to go away on a short holiday or just enjoy a few days of having fun and giving themselves a bit of nurturing.
Keep yourself busy, have fun. Distraction is very important during this period of time. Enjoy life.
Talk to your partner about your feelings. Support for one another is extremely important in making sure that you are mentally and emotionally in the right space. Sometimes it can be very hard on your relationship with each other so don’t be afraid to seek professional help of a fertility counsellor.
Be aware of the internet. Be careful not to spend the whole two weeks online reading about other women’s experiences and searching for information on signs of positive or negative outcomes of fertility treatments. Too much time online can lead to too much obsessing. Too much obsessing can make two weeks feel like two months. Monitor your online usage and catch yourself if you start to meander onto too many two-week-wait websites.
Write your thoughts in a journal. You can write your thoughts down throughout the day as they pop up. Or you can do it once a day on regular basis - put all the things that are turning over and over in your mind down on paper and out of your head.
Use relaxation techniques, book a session of hypnotherapy with positive visualisation. Try meditation and mindfullness. Take slow, deep breaths when you are feeling anxious. These techniques can assist you physiologically, as well as being mentally calming.
Try to be happy about the present and let the future simply unfold!