getting tired of fighting the fight


hi ladies…so for this rambeling mess but just need to vent for a minute. went on facebook earlier (it’s the devil anymore) and saw a girl i used to be friends with (we got into a HUGE fight a few years ago b/c she’s an evil witch…she friends of a friends on facebook) is having a baby - a girl. she’s not married, works part time w/ no health insurance and doesn’t even have a boyfriend. i’m not sure if she got a/i or what, but she was always involved w/ losers all while i was friends w/ her. she terminated 1 baby b/c her b/f at the time was abusive. and now here she is. meanwhile, i’m getting poked & proded, being told to go on a diet, take meds, prepare for iui etc. i mean, i know no one ever said life was easy but sometimes i dont feel it should be this hard either. i feel like all my life i’ve had to fight for everything i have…i finally got a decent job, only to realize it has ****ty health insurance & doesn’t cover if. so now im trying to work 2 jobs to make some extra $$ (so is DH) to be able to afford treatments…then i’m told i have type 2 diabetes AND pcos so i have to work EXTRA hard to lose the weight…had to all this work to clean up my credit report to buy a house & a new car, etc. i’m not really complaining but i see alot of my friends that just things “fall into their laps” so to speak and it’s very aggrevating to me. it just doesn’t seem fair. sorry ladies - just had a little bought of depression. just tired of always feeling like i have to fight to get what i want.
thanks for letting me vent…:bsv: to everyone!!!


i know your right. i look around every day and am grateful for all that i have, and i know i worked & fought hard for it!! i just get bummed out sometimes when it comes to the baby thing i guess. i try to stay positive and we are getting ready to start our first iui in december so i’m keeping fingers crossed!!


I know how you feel. We are having a hard time with money and Im trying to sell stuff on ebay to come up with my IVF money. My husband works 15 hours Monday thru Friday and Sat he works 8 hours. I work a full time job plus sell on ebay. I also have rosacea (skin problem) on my face, neck and chest. That gets expensive because it seems like the skincare that is more gentle is so expensive. I turn red over everything and also breakout still at my age. I have had it for 10 years. I had a baby die at birth and the stress caused my rosacea to get worse. Im still paying my dr bills from 2004. Then we paid for the funeral cost and it was 4500.00 with the stone and plots. Now I have been going thru infertility for 6 years. Been thru 5 iuis and over a year of clomid. We tried acupuncture and herbs. Still nothing. Found out I have endometriosis and my husband’s count was low. He is now on clomid and his count is better. Then on top of all that we got audited by the IRS and our tax preparer messed up on our taxes and we had to pay $9000.00. My husband had to sell his truck that was paid for to pay it off. My tax preparer felt bad so he did pay 3000.00 of it. So we had to get another vehicle and now another payment. I feel like we cant catch a break. Sorry to vent but it feels good to just type it all out sometimes.


aww i’m sorry that you have to deal w/ all of this. if is stressfull enough - never mind adding everything else your dealing with in there. sending much :grouphug: and :bsv: to you…if you ever need to talk feel free to pm me. sometimes it feels so good to get everything off your chest!!!


I think it’s all a matter of perspective. There are people who make us feel like life is totally unfair, with them having it so easy and us having it so hard. But then again, there are also people who feel us lucky, with them going through tougher times and showing us more sacrifices. It’s just a matter of which one you dwell on. As for me, I’d rather think of myself as still lucky despite the hurdles, because there still are things I have that others don’t, such as a loving and caring partner who fights my battles with me. Others may have children, but that doesn’t mean their lives are better.

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