Ghost (or anyone!) FET help


its been a long time since i actually had a question to post on here. My DD was born 10/2010 after our first round of IVF so it was indeed successful. Now im looking towards a FET the end of summer, i know its a long way away but we have to save re do all the baseline testing ect ect so it may take a while anyway. so i do have some questions

  1. I have several frozen embryos however none were as good as the 2 i transferred with my fresh cycle i dont remember how many i have of each i know they range from 5-7 cells and are all graded A or B (a is the best d is the worst at my clinic), we had transferred my only two 8 cells on my fresh 3dt, whats the chances of a less than stellar embryo surviving thaw im feeling like we may not even have much to work with

  2. Im pretty sure my embys were frozen day 3, bc on the paper i have from that day it says they dont freeze anything under 5 cells, after reading on several forums it seems like this isnt optimum ? is freezing on day 5 better than day 3 does it damage them in any way?

  3. my clinic doesnt offer a 5 day tx that im aware of ive read that kind of reflexs the docs faith in the lab? i live in pittsburgh theres not too much to choose from around here theres only 1 other clinic and it doesnt allow you to finance treatments so it was out of the question for me. success rates are similar in my age group how big of a deal is this?

  4. my E2 levels were sky high >6000 at time of trigger after coasting for 2 days im pretty sure this is why i had so many eggs not mature but do you think this hurt the quality of my embryos and can it effect how well/poorly they will thaw

  5. whats a round about price tag for a FET and meds ? ive heard around $3500 for the procedure im 100% OOP pay

  6. any general advice or questions y ou think i should look into, im probably not going to start testing and such until spring but id like to do more research this time i wasnt very well educated the first time around and i feel like even though it was successful my fresh cycle could have gone better and yielded better growing embys had i understood what was going on.

thanks so much in advance… ive been obsessing over trying to figure the FET thing out and just what i may be looking at as far as outcomes, sad to say im already looking towards failure in my head since nothing frozen was as good as what we transferred.


Answered on the other board…


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