Girl's name... Maddox or Brooklyn?


We found out we are having a girl, and were in shock! I had a boy name in mind but girl names were a little tougher. So I think we have narrowed it down to Maddox or Brooklyn. I don’t know any girls named Maddox, so I thought it would be cool to use it, but I really like Brooklyn too (Keegan was and still is a close 3rd). What do you guys think?


DEDICATION! Congratulations on having a baby girl! As you know, I’m in pediatrics and I’ve never heard of Maddox for a girl, so it would be unusual. I phonetically prefer Brooklyn, it’s very pleasing to the ears, but more common (though not a very common name). I haven’t seen people shorten Brooklyn other than Brook which is a pretty name. Would Maddox be Maddy? Good luck!


Given the choice, I think Brooklyn is better. It’s more feminine.

In my opinion, Maddox sounds like a boy’s name or a last name. With a name like Maddox, she might be mistook for a boy on paper (resume, in the workplace, roll call at school, etc.) and that could annoy her.

On the other hand, I realize that more and more girls are getting unisex names these days so maybe Maddox isn’t all that bad.

Congratulations on your baby!


Dianna- how are you??? It is so good to see your name on another thread!!! Yes, Maddox would go by Maddy. I tend to shorten names, so I like Maddy better than Brooke but I really like both names, so I am stuck. I just like to be different, and Maddox is def. different.

Babiesarecute- I have a feminine name, but my nickname is unisex, and I am often mistaken for a guy until people meet me… I think it is kind of funny, but that is a good point because not all people would, and it could be annoying. I really don’t know any boys named Maddox either, only 2 to be exact.

Ugh, this naming is so hard! With DS I had a name right away… I really wish I had a strong desire for one over the other. I guess I’ll continue to see what the opinions are…


Isn’t Maddox Angelina Jolie’s sons name. I do think it is cute and love Maddy. I love boys names for girls.

I do however LOVE the name Brooklyn.

You have a tough decision


Yes, Angelina Jolie’s son is Maddox.

Dedication- I think both names are unique. I am going to tell you what I suggested to the other gal asking for name opinions.

Say the name out loud over and over, consider what middle name you are going to use, and pair the name with your d/s name just to see if you like them together.

Choosing names can be tricky. I had 3 choices for my dd, and even laying on the c/s table hadn’t decided. Right before it was her turn to be born, I thought in my mind the name I wanted it to be. When I saw her, I knew that although the other choices were lovely, the name I chose was definitely perfect for her.

Good luck! I’d love to know what you decide! The more I write, I think I really like Brooklyn better!

[quote=Melsjoy]Isn’t Maddox Angelina Jolie’s sons name. I do think it is cute and love Maddy. I love boys names for girls.

I do however LOVE the name Brooklyn.

You have a tough decision[/quote]


So as of now, I think we are going with Maddox… it came down to the nicknames, I love Brooklyn but I don’t like Brooke as much (I like it but I like Brooklyn much better). With Maddox, I like Maddox and Maddy/Maddie just as much as I love Maddox. DH and DS both like Maddox just a tad bit better, and Maddox means fortunate (which we are so blessed and fortunate for this little miracle). We have been telling our families how fortunate and blessed we are to have them since day 1 of this journey, so in a way we thought Maddox might be a good name for this little girl to name after all of our family! Like someone said, it may change, and when we meet her, we might go with the other name, but for now we are trying Maddox out to see if it sticks.