GIVF folks? (Genetics and IVF Institute) Maryland/NoVa


Anyone out there cycling with GIVF?

We just finished everything we need to do for our donor cycles to begin. Now we just have to figure out which program we want to do. The donor we like is new, so we can’t do split or frozen with her… sigh!.. and we don’t have the $$ for a 1:1 guarantee program.

So we’re waiting… for now. :slight_smile:


Cannady: we used GIVF. I loved them. We used a new donor as well and went for the guarantee program. Since it worked on first time, we probably should have done single cycle, but we couldn’t be happier!!


Yeah, I think we spoke a few months ago. I love them, too. I love the (new) donor we’ve picked, but unlike you, we can’t do a 1:1 guarantee, and it would be foolish to risk a non-guaranteed huge wad of cash on a new donor. :slight_smile: So, even though you did get pg on the first try, I think it’s great. :slight_smile:


Glad you like new donor and hope all works out


Well, we signed our contract and turned everything in. I get my first baseline blood/ultrasound in a week. I am really looking forward to going off the BCP in a few days… this particular prescription is giving me acne. HATE IT. But otherwise, this regimen is much easier than OE IVF. :slight_smile:


Great news!!! Wishing you lots of :babydust: . Hope all goes smoothly