Giving up after 3 failed IUIs?


Hi ladies,

Did my 3rd round of IUI in October and :af: showed up two days ago.

I’m feeling very disheartened after three failed attempts. I was on Clomid this round and produced 4 mature follies, all above 20mm. DH’s numbers weren’t great but my doctor felt that they were enough for us to proceed with the IUI. She was very optimistic and said this would be THE cycle. But it wasn’t.

I’m just wondering, should I give up hope after 3 rounds of IUI? Are there success stories of those who :bfp: on their 4th or 5th IUI? I haven’t used injectibles before as I respond very well to Clomid.

Seeing :af: every month just leaves me with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I thought I am used to it after more than a year of TTC but it still gets to me every single time.

I feel so hopeless.


If your doctor can’t offer anything other than a shrug and a “We don’t know. Try IVF”, I’d go see a different doctor. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see something that someone else overlooked.


[quote=starr]Hi ladies,

I’m just wondering, should I give up hope after 3 rounds of IUI? Are there success stories of those who :bfp: on their 4th or 5th IUI? I haven’t used injectibles before as I respond very well to Clomid.

I feel so hopeless.[/quote]

Hi Starr-

So sorry to hear the cycle did not work. I am on my 2nd cycle of injectibles and TI. But same as you, this last cycle my Dr. was soooo positive that it was going to work. She even told me that there was a HIGH chance of twins. Well Imagine my disappointment when I took 3 tests and all negative and then of course yesterday AF showed.

I am not sure what to tell you, but it seems that you are looking for hope. Today I saw a post by a lady called Furbabymom. She left a post in the October IUI’s forum.
Here is the Link

It might help some.

I hope it will happen for you soon. If you think you should find a new Dr. try that.

Don’t know what else to say. :grouphug:


You may want to consider trying at least one round of injectables. After 4 clomid IUIs, I got a BFP on my first injectable cycle. Unfortunately, it was a chemical pregnancy. Also, if you do move on to IVF, it’s helpful to have some idea already of how you will respond to injectables. Although, are you paying out of pocket? If you are, don’t waste too much time and money on IUIs. Even under the best circumstances, the success rates are really low compared to IVF. Just look at my signature. I wish I had moved on to IVF much sooner. Well, good luck.


Starr - I am only in the 2ww of my second IUI, but I have the same question in my mind - how many IUIs before I will give up? It’s frustrating when everything looks good - follicles, sperm sample, etc… and there is still a BFN. It’s even more frustrating if you’re paying out of pocket and spending thousands of dollars a month on testing and treatments!

What has your lining been on Clomid? Clomid has thinned my lining - on CD11 it was only 5.2 on 100mg and 6.2 this round on 50mg. I would be willing to try one more round of Clomid + injectibles, then move to injectibles only.

As for the good news, I have two good friends who got pregnant on their 5th IUI - both had three failed rounds of Clomid/IUI, then moved to injectibles/IUI and finally got their BFP (one with twins!).


I have seen girls on another TTC forum im on get BFP’s on their 4th and 5th heck if i remember correctly there was one with her 7th IUI. If it was me i’d switch to Injections and give 3-4 more IUI’s a try.



I have completed two cycles of IUI with negative results and have wondered the same thing. I’m waiting to do my 3rd next month. I had 4 follicles this last time, too, (with DH’s sperm count being great) and didn’t conceive either. But from everything I’ve read, if IUIs don’t work after 3-4 attempts, the chances of success dramatically decrease. Now, that’s not to say that some haven’t gotten BFPs after that, but, statistically, if you don’t conceive within that time, your chances are low. And, since my DH and I have to pay out-of-pocket, we’re considering IVF as the next step after this next round of Clomid and IUI. We meet with our RE next week to discuss our next steps, but I think that’s what we’re looking at. I think whether you continue with IUIs depends on your finances, your insurance, and how long you want to wait or go through procedures. Many people think of IVF as the last step or for serious infertility when, in reality, it is the most successful infertility procedure and, in some cases, should be considered as a treatment earlier on. Good luck in your decision!


Thank you all for your support and kind words.

Shmead, my doctor did tell me that there is nothing that iui can do for me and has suggested for me to move on to IVF. :grr:

Smurf774, EastCoastMama, jp362 - we are paying out of the pocket so it hasn’t been easy on the money front. Every month we pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get poked and prodded at (DH is getting testosterone shots and taking hormone pills too). I don’t mind the pain and discomfort as long as there’s a silver lining somewhere but so far it’s been a disappointing ride.

EastCoastMama, my lining hasn’t been the greatest, hovering at 6 and 7. Which is a shame because I produce so many follies with clomid!

I’m not sure if I should move on to injectibles or IVF immediately but I am definitely going to seek a second opinion.

I hope everyone else gets their :bfp: soon. Sending y’all :bsv: !


Right there is a reason to at least discuss injectables: clomid thins your lining. Lots of people get better linings with injectables than with clomid.


I just thought I would share my story.

My DH and I did two rounds of in vitro first, both BFN. We were devastated. Then we moved on to donor sperm and thought for sure we would get pregnant right away. After 3 rounds of IUI, I thought I would never get pregnant. Then we tried one more with a different donor and I finally became pregnant. There are some days I still can’t believe it!

The true advice is that you need to stop when it is right for you and your heart. There were times my DH wanted to stop treatments but I never could commit to that plan and wanted to keep going and thankfully we finally got pregnant.

Good Luck to you in your decision and plan. :grouphug:



Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have since switched doctors, who told us that there is absolutely no need for us to resort to IVF as yet. We just did an IUI, natural cycle, today and it was so much more tolerable than the previous 2 iuis done with my previous doctor.

With the previous doctor, who was my gynae, my IUIs had been shockingly painful and I was bleeding after. She said that my cervix was very tight and she needed to dilate me physically to get the catheter right inside. It hurt like hell. Also, the sperm washing was done at her clinic and not in a lab so I never knew DH’s results. I stuck with her because I trusted her.

The new RE was appalled and explained that that wasn’t the standard procedure. He also could not believe that she had not gotten me to do a hsg or blood tests.

Expensive lessons learnt: Always seek second opinion and trust your instincts. Based on what the ladies here have shared, I knew that what my previous doc did wasn’t standard and I had a strange feeling about it. But I stupidly stayed with her because I believed her when she told me that I had a high chance of getting pregnant with her IUI. :grr:


The next “step” in IUI would be injectibles but looking at your past IUI’s, the clomid seems to be working well on you. (producing good follies) By your signature, I would first invest a little time and money in having a NEW RE analize your DH sample again.If you want to use your DH swimmers you might need to move right on to IVF. Or, another IUI with clomid and donor swimmers if you two are ok with that.
Most women who move onto Injectibles need to because clomid isn’t stimulating their follies enough. That does not seem to be your case. (but again, I am not a RE…please consult them)

Sending :pray: your way. Good luck in whatever decision you two make.


Thanks K&EMommy!

Yeah we did get the results from DH’s SA yesterday when we did the IUI with the new RE. He assures us that while the numbers weren’t sterling, they weren’t bad either. The next step that he has advised us to take would be for me to do a laparoscopy to determine the health of my tubes and also IUI with a mix of Clomid and injectibles.

I just wished I had gone with the RE earlier.


I ended up having to sit this cycle out and am waiting to do my 3rd IUI w/Clomid in December. But my DH and I met with our RE last week and he was open to either option of moving to injectibles with IUI or onto IVF. The only thing is that, because I responded so well to Clomid, he’s concerned that my risk of multiples (triplets or higher) is going to be greater than usual with injectibles. So, if we did that, he would do a combination of injectibles and Femara. But our other consideration was financial. While we don’t want to shell out the money for IVF, it seems to make more sense for us. My concern is that, because I’ve responded well to Clomid and produced multiple (3 and 4) follicles and my DH’s numbers have been great, there is a slim chance that injectibles are going to work any better for us. So, if we end up doing injectibles and they don’t work, we’d be doing 3 rounds, so that would be almost the cost of one cycle of IVF. And, we have a better chance with IVF. I do worry, though, that we’ll have spent all of that money when we might have conceived with injectibiles, but there’s no way to tell. We all just have to go with what’s right for us. And, for me, I think emotionally I can’t handle too many more rounds of failed IUIs. Hopefully these will work for you, but I will keep you posted on how things work with IVF. Good luck!


SO sad

:grr: Hey ladies,

Well my 3rd IUI was cancelled for this month. Follciles did not grow :frowning:

I am seeing the RE today, and will let him know to give me injectables alone or combined with the femara.

Both IUIs I had 1 follicle @ 2.2 and a great lining, however this 3rd IUI nothing.

The latest I get to work today and 2 girls here, who just came back from Mat leave after being off for 1 year ( im in Canada) are prego again.

What about me :frowning:

ANyways, I heard and know people that got pregnant after 4 or more IUIs, so every doc is different.:cheer:


jp362 - I hear you, sister. Every month the costs just increase and the end of the road doesn’t seem at all near. Would your RE prefer to have you go through IVF over IUI? Are you emotionally prepared for an IVF? We weren’t, which was why we opted to switch doctors to get a second opinion.

If my natural cycle doesn’t work (currently 5dpiui), I’ll probably go in for a lap to determine if my tubes are clear before moving on to a mix of injectibles and Clomid/Femera. The thought of injectibles really scare me though!

gizmo - sorry to hear that the iui was cancelled! Hang in there. I know, it sucks to have someone around you pregnant when you are trying so darn hard.


Starr: My RE wouldn’t come out and say either way. He was open to both options and could see why I would want to do both. I think because we are unexplained there’s no reason we couldn’t try injectibles, except that I don’t feel like it’s going to work. I feel like for the expense of injectibles, it’s not worth the lower success rate compared to IVF, especially when I could just put that money toward a cycle of IVF. I think I’m definitely ready for IVF because I feel like there’s a reason we’re not conceiving and they just don’t know why. So I feel like continuing to do the same things over and over aren’t going to work for us. But I am scared because I feel like, if this doesn’t work, then what?

Are you nervous about injectibles because of the injections or the side effects or something else?


hey jp362, sorry been really bogged down with work.

Perhaps you should go with your gut feeling? I understand your reluctance to go IVF: what if it doesn’t work? What next then? It’s a scary thought! But you do sound like you are prepared to go to the next step so don’t let yourself be held back by fears. Either way, best of luck!

My fear of injectibles is actually mostly due to my fear of needles. :flower: I’m a wimp, I hate needles urghs.

But at the same time, I feel like I need to be off hormone medication for a bit. When I was on Clomid, I was constantly angry and unhappy. It didn’t help that my MIL was all, why aren’t you pregnant yet?