Giving your nurse/RE a holiday gift?


My RE’s office is not a big clinic. I have been a patient since June of this year. There is just one RE and about four nurses on staff. I am assigned an indivdual nurse who manages my case and responds to phone calls I may make if she is there that day (otherwise, any available nurse will call me back).

It is my RE who does any monitoring appointments accompanied with whatever nurse is on staff that day.

I was thinking about getting something small for my nurse as a gift for the holidays. In your opinion, based on what I’ve said here, would that be reasonable or is it inappropriate to get your nurse anything for the holidays? How much would you spend and what type of gift would you get? I know nothing about her personal life so it would need to be generic…maybe even a $25 VISA gift card or something with some chocolates.

Opinions and ideas welcome. I made chocolate almond biscottis on ER for the office and it was so appreciated that one of the gals there hunted me down in the surgical center to hug me…and I didn’t even know this office gals name. So, small gestures have been appreciated.

As for my RE, I think I’d feel awkward to get him anything. We have a bottle of wine that we plan to give him when we do end up with our BFP at graduation…it has meaning behind it. Would you get your RE anything?

Thank you for your feedback!


I think it is sweet that you want to get them something. Personally, I wouldn’t get my nurse anything, but that is because I don’t particularly like her. She doesn’t have the friendliest disposition. However, if she were a nicer person, I would lean toward homeade treats like your biscotti or even a cake/cookies from a local bakery over a monetary gift or giftcard. Just my opinion…


I am a nurse and we do appreciate cards and someone saying thank you for what we do, also some home made treats are always nice, but we are not allowed to accept anything of value especially money itself. It’s been that way everywhere I work so they may have the same policy at your clinic.


We don’t have a policy like that, but it sounds like a good one.

I’d recommend the patients save their money. They are going to need it. It’s the thought that counts, and a nice card with a handwritten message in it means a lot. My recommendation is to address it to the whole clinic, and mention your favorite staff if you wish. Baby pics and family pics are great. The baked stuff is very nice, too, but around the Holidays we get more than we can use.


What about holiday cookies or doughnuts for the office?


I was going to do a Harry and David basket



It’s great. Be aware, we get a lot of things like that. Yours might arrive on the same day as others. The thought is still appreciated, as always, but sometimes there is a surplus of treats from patients, drug reps, and others. We might get several deliveries in one day.

It really is the thought that counts most.


Thank you for all your thoughts. I had realized that they probably got a lot of goodies around the holidays which I think is why I partially decided to make something and bring it in on ER day. They probably only ever get shown any appreciation when the BFP comes so I wanted to be different.

I may hold off on doing anything for the holidays and then just do something in late January on transfer day or something.

Thanks for the note about some clinics having a no cash/gift policy…I never thought about this being the case. At least I know they LOVE homemade biscottis and I can repeat the gesture in January or some time afterwards. I may write a nice handwritten note then.


A lot of people are giving POM Charms (see sigi) to friends and family (and their RE’s and Nurses who have gone the extra mile) as a token of Thanks… All proceeds go to charity, so it’s also helping others who suffer from fertility issues.