Global Egg Donors?


Anyone tried Global Egg Donors? They have a nice selection of donors and you can do your cycle (not including cost of donor) in a few places like:

Barbados: $10,200
South Africa: $8,200 including donor medication
India, Delhi: $5,500
India, Kochi: $6,000
USA: $12,900
Mexico: $6,200
Canada: $12,900
Greece: $6,000

I found a donor I really like but I am not sure about these clinics. May negotiate to see if she can travel to a clinic of my choice.

Feedback welcome.




Just a small thought

Sorry, don’t know anything about them but for those who view this and are going to consider them, I would be [B][I][COLOR=“Red”]very[/I][/B] leary and careful with the idea of doing it in Canada.

I would be asking extremely detailed questions, including but not limited to where the contract will be completed and where will the money be passing hands.
Other than reasonable expenses it is illegal to pay a donor for her eggs in Canada. You cannot pay “commercial fees” here in Canada. When you look at their webpage you are paying $12,900 in addition to other fees. There is NO WAY that would be considered “reasonable” here in Canada. Even without caselaw to evaluate it. No. Freaking. Way.

Very recently, the RCMP charged a Toronto fertility clinic (Canadian Fertility Consultants) with five counts of buying or offering to buy sperm or eggs, along with three counts of buying or offering to buy the services of a surrogate mother, and three of taking money to arrange such services.

It’s my prediction that while this is the very early beginning of the limelight being shone on these activities in Canada. And, personally, I think is a good thing in the sense that we may eventually get some decent legislation that hopefully mirrors what the USA has where we CAN pay for such wonderful gifts…but that’s another thread. :wink:


Thank you. I contacted this agency and saw their website. The price they quoted for the donor includes their travel cost, accommodation, fee and agency fee. Compare to what we were going to pay for a donor here (NYC), I thought it was pretty good. I was in contact with the IVF clinic in Barbados separately and explained that I wanted to see photos of my donor (their donors are completely anonymous) she said we will have to select via an agency and suggested 2 agencies including this agency.

I know the clinic in Barbados is legit. They quoted me the same price for the donor IVF cycle and transfer but a little cheaper for selecting my own donor. What you said about Canada is disturbing. That means that they are doing something illegal hummmm

I need to think this through. Thanks for the feedback.



found this:

The Working Life: Robin Newman Helps Couples Cope with Infertility


Well…I’m not necessarily saying they ARE doing something illegal, however, when you look at what they are charging for such services (when you consider what the reasonable costs would be for the donor - - meds, maybe some b/w not covered by OHIP, maybe some exams not covered by OHIP, etc) it just still seems ‘to me’ (ie only my opinion) that either the donor is getting paid something other than her reasonable expenses, or someone else sure the heck is!
Also, if you click on ‘canada’ it then has Toronto Ontario as a location. When you click on that you will find the following statement:
“Clinic fees for egg donation: $12900US for procedure including ICSI. Global Egg Donor fees are in addition to what you pay clinic.”

Just based on this, I’d wager a bet that someone would pay the clinic $12900us and then they’d still have their med costs, psych counseling, possibly other tests, and then they’d have to pay Global on top of that.

Personally: rip-off and very likely illegal.
And then who knows if they give stats and what stats.
I’d stick with a well known clinic.