Glucose Test


Please answer if you can! I have my glucose test tomorrow and the only directions on the info sheet given were just to not eat sugary foods 8-10 hours prior to the test…glucola drink. Some people at work today mentioned that they had to fast…what were you told or did you do before yours? Mine is at 9:30am so I don’t need to have breakfast if fasting gives more accurate results…thanks for helping in advance!!!


I assume this is the one-hour glucose test (I think you have to fast for the three-hour, but I passed the one-hour so didn’t do that test). From what I reall, they told me to eat like I normally would, but finish eating 2 hours and 10 minutes before the test. And then drink the sugar drink one hour after that and finish it within 10 minutes. And then have the blood test exactly one hour after that.

So, my blood test was at 2:10, I drank the drink from 1:00 to 1:10 and ate my lunch at 12:30.

I think I’m remembering all that correctly. It said what I was supposed to do on the side of the glucola.

EDIT: If you make the drink really really cold, it tastes less nasty. :slight_smile:


If its the one hour you eat and drink as you would normally, then I drank the glucose drink one hour before I went into the OB office. Once you drink it you fast until they draw your blood. He told me to time when I drank it to have enough time to get into the office for them to draw your blood…start to finish= one hour :wink:


Thanks girls!!! I passed : )


Just for posterity, I’ll add that my doctor told me to eat low-carb food only the morning of my test, but I didn’t have to fast. I went to the doctor’s office and they gave me the drink there, which I had to drink within 5 minutes. It definitely helped to just chug the whole thing straight down–you taste less of it!

And congratulations on passing! I’m hoping for the same thing, although I’m wondering if it’s a bad sign that I feel so tired now that it’s all over. Anybody else feel out-of-whack afterwards, and did you pass or did you have to go back for the 3-hr?


My OB gave me the glucose drink for my next appt for the glucose test.

These are my instructions:

No sugars of any kind including fruits and juices the night before or 5 hours before the appt because the sugars can carry over into the next day and affect the test results.

The day of the appt, drink the glucose drink 1 hour before the appt. The nurse will draw my blood exactly 1 hour after consuming the drink.

Nothing to eat or drink before or after this drink during the 1 hour wait.

Hope this helps!


[QUOTE=Rosalynn9219]Thanks girls!!! I passed : )[/QUOTE]

YAY! I replied before I saw your update of passing. Congrats!! xx