Going back to work after baby?


I’ve been pretty emotional all week since getting my BFP. Now that I’m actually feeling pregnant, all these thoughts are running through my head about what will come next. For example, it seems like it will be so hard to go back to work after the baby comes. I currently work full time and have a long commute, so I’m gone about 11 hours a day. Has anyone else gone through this? Anyone planning to go back to work after baby? Can anyone tell me the upside of going back to work?


I work full-time, with commute about 10 1/2 hour days (but only 4 days per week). I LOVE my daughter, and I’m super-excited that I’m going to be a mom again, but work keeps me sane. I took 12 weeks maternity leave and while it was tough to be away from my DD, I was grateful for the intellectual stimulation, adult conversation, etc, that I’d been missing while out on leave.

And now that my DD is 2 (and I mean TWO), I relish the time I have away from the tantrums and potty accidents. Of course, you have to have a daycare you trust and where you feel like your child is getting loved. We do, but there are still days that are hard, like when I get the “booboo sheet” from daycare and it turns out she got bitten by a classmate. Or the nights I’d have DD at the table eating dinner and she’d say “wanna go home” and I swear she meant daycare.

I also appreciate the fact that she’s being exposed every day to ideas, activities, and people that she would not be if she wasn’t in daycare. I’m not artsy, so the fact that she gets to paint or cut shapes or glue paper every day is fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of being outside in the cold, so I appreciate the fact that she gets to go outside twice a day on all the the bitterest days. And while the biting wasn’t fun, it’s awesome that she’s learning to settle disagreements wih her peers, express what she wants and doesn’t want, in a way she wouldn’t with just her dad and me.

You may feel different and you may need to figure out another way. You’ll make it!



[B]To me it’s kinda tough and stressful… I’m part time the most I’m off to work is 8 hours and the less is 5 hrs. My nights with Emma …to taking care of her in the morning while running some errands while constantly getting allergies, while getting ready for work with an always-wanna-be-held baby girl it has literally drained me…my work is quite mind draining itself…I need to sleep a full 9 hours of sleep without interruptions and of course I can’t…when I’m most sleepy , Emma isn’t. But every minute I’m at work I miss her. I swear I could smell hee in the air. I wanna hold her but mostly I work at night and get home super late to find a already sleeping baby :frowning: kinda sad…[/B]


Thank you both for your perspectives! It is really reassuring just to know there are no “wrong” answers here, and we can figure it out as we go along. You really helped me out.


all the best !