Going Crazy - 34th week and OB concerned about baby size


Hello All,

I am hoping someone could help me out with this. I had my OB appointment today. He told me that the size of my stomach/belly looked good but he wants an Ultrasound for fetal growth. He would not specifically say that he is concerned with the growth of the baby however he said when he sends patients for these ultrasounds they 99% come back normal. I asked him for the BUT in all of this and he did not elaborate. He said my next 2 week visit we will go over labor and delivery information and well as do the GSB culture.

I have gained approximately 35lbs with this pregnancy and she is active as anything. She is on a schedule with her movement the same time every day. My belly is quite small for being so far along but I just think that she is a petite one! When I had my 20 week ultrasound my baby was measuring right on schedule! I have the perinatal report which states all her growth information.

I guess I am just confused as to why all of a sudden my OB is making such a big deal out of the anatomy. I am having the anatomy ultrasound tomorrow afternoon for slow fetal growth but until then my DH and I are going crazy! We have come so far for our little sweetheart that we don’t know what to do… Anyone else have experience with a slow fetal growth this late in their pregnancy… Any help/advice would be appreciated!!!