Going for ivf #2 and highly considering de


My husband and I are lookin into getting a new re and using donor eggs. This is a decision I have not taken lightly. I just found out that my amh is .32. I have a feeling that this is gods plan for me and my husband. Any one who has used donor eggs before…have you ever regretted it? Have you decided if you will tell your children one day the truth? I know me and my husband will not regret our decision. We have been down this long lonely road called infertility for over four years and are ready for it to be our turn to take home our bundle of joy! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated


Thanks for your sharing!
To be honest, i’m sympathetic with your anxiety about that problem! However, just don’t worry too much…children can also feel our love for them & behave normally (or even love someone already sacrifice everything to have them in this life more).

In fact, “mom from heart” is real coz not only the connection between someone who shares the same blood with us is strong; but also the relationship among those who spend their filfe with us is also matter…

Hope you have a nice family…


I am kind of in the same boat as you. Just decided to go the donor route. its a very hard decision to make but I had seen this coming sicne last year when my AMH was tested. But since i had age on my side I decided to do a couple of tries with my own eggs but didnt work. So here we are now going the DE route.

We have choosen a donor and are still early on in the process with paperwork. I know that this process is going to take a couple more months so that is my time to come to terms with this decision.

I know that for me its all about being pregnant and being able to hold our baby - but I know the thought that the baby wont have my genes will sting but the joy of carrying the baby will overcome that.
About telling ppl - we are planning not to tell family adn friends. I think my family/friends are still too conservative to accept this fact. But we are planning on telling the baby at some point. Its just a point of when.
Good luck to you.


Thank you all soo much for responding. For once in our over four year struggle to have a child, I can have peace and calm about it all. I know now this is how I Am supposed to go about having my family. It just took me a little while to realize it:). Wishing us all baby dust!!!


Wow that is well said. I wish I could say that I am there but i am still struggling with this. I really just want to be pregnant and if this is the only way I am ready to do that. But accepting this fact is really hard for me.


[QUOTE=OurMiracle]Wow that is well said. I wish I could say that I am there but i am still struggling with this. I really just want to be pregnant and if this is the only way I am ready to do that. But accepting this fact is really hard for me.[/QUOTE]

Ourmiracle…if this was a few years ago I would be devastated too. Since we have been trying for over four years now though, I am just ready to have a baby. Please feel free to send me a personal message on here, you might just need a complete stranger to vent to and I am more than willing to be that person. This road called infertility can be a lonely one:(


We are at the beginning of our first attempt using DE. We attempted 2 cycles using my eggs before we made the decision to go with a donor.
It was an easy decision for me. That maybe because I do have 3 children from a previous marriage. I know that once I am pregnant, and that little life is in me, it won’t matter how our miracle came to be. I will be the one growing that precious baby. I will be the one he/she kicks in the middle of the night. I will be the one watching in awe as he/she makes my belly dance when they get restless, or have the hiccups. I will be the one who stands patiently as everyone I meet feels the need to rub my tummy and ask me the sex. I will be the one bearing it, nursing it, loving it. My baby doesn’t have to have my genes for me to love it.
We have decided not to tell anyone in our family or friends because it is not their business. We know that the baby will be ours, and we don’t want others gossiping about it otherwise.


I am in the middle of my first donor egg cycle. The gene issue is not a big deal, really. How genes are expressed depends on the mom carrying the baby anyway. :slight_smile: I urge you not to be ashamed or fearful about using donor eggs. It is weird for sure, to wrap ones mind around, but when I looked at the success stats, the numbers show I’d have a success rate of around 15% with my own eggs and 50% or so with donor eggs so it really was an easy decision in the end. I am at Shady Grove in MD. They have a shared risk program that eases the financial burdern of more than one try if need be. Good luck!