Going for my second IUI today!


I’ve been on clomid for thee months. My first Iui was unsuccessful. On Monday the dr said I had 2 20mm follicles. They called me yesterday and going to have my Iui today at 11am.
I’m so nervous! He said my lining was good, my uterus looking good as well. Not sure how can they tell but at least it sounded positive.
But I’m just making time before I go and my heart is rising!
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Done!, was not as painful as the first time. But this time the nurse had a bit of trouble getting to my uterus. Apparently something was not aligned so it took a few attempts till she got it.
Now have to wait 14 days for blood test. Or wait for my period to arrive.


Good luck through your 2ww!!! Don’t stress out (easier said than done, right?!), the best thing you can do now is relax and be patient. :cross:



The difficulties might be a good thing. I had 5 rounds of IUIs but 8 IUIs all together. The 2 times I got a BFP my reproductive endocrinologist had a hard time getting to tube in for the IUI. So for me, the sign of difficulties was a good thing.


Today I had my 3rd one. this time the.nurse could not get to my uterus. they called the doctor, did an ultrasound, and found that my uterus was tilting backwards! What next I thought to myself. Just have to wait for my results in 2 weeks.


Good Luck! :cross:


3rd IUI unsuccessful…

I got my period. So going for my 4th IUI in July.:grr:

But wanted to know if this ever happen to anyone:
My period was heavy and thick for one day only. Got it in the morning and bleed quite heavily for the whole morning. a little bit in the afternoon, by night it was a couple of drops. That was it! My period normally lasts three to five days. So this is very strange! :confused: