Going "outside the box" post-transfer


Just found out from my cycling clinic (out of state) that there’s no reason I have to continue going to my monitoring clinic for my betas/etc. This clinic is an hour’s drive one way in rush hour traffic, and I’ve already paid enough out of pocket for all the b/w and sonos they did and refused to bill insurance for, so why shouldn’t I just treat the rest of this fiasco as a normal pregnancy? I know there are additional risks with it being an FET pregnancy, but I don’t see why I can’t get the early services at my gyno’s. Why do I have to “graduate” to an OB? I’d understand it if we were dealing with female infertility, but we’re not.

Has anyone else done things post-transfer outside the box, as it were?


Hi, I don’t see any reason why you can’t go to a regular OB/GYN. Especially if it’s your preference. FET’s aren’t higher risk (unless you get pg with multiple), it just seems like they’re higher m/c risk becuase with early losses conceived naturally women probably don’t even know they’re pg, just hae a late period. The one this the RE will do differently is more monitoring to look for multiples, and maybe more blood tests. Some OBs I’ve heard of just schedule a new patient visit when a woman knows she pg from an hpt and the appt may be a few weeks out. Obviously, an RE will do multiple betas, early USs to check for multiples, etc. But the har reality is that no matter who is taking care of you and your little one(s), if the worst happens and there is an early loss, there’s really no intervention that can be taken… Plus, your OB/GYN can still do the betas and early USs if you and they feel it’s necessary, right?

Good luck! I know you’ve been through a lot, I’ve seen you on here for many many months. I hope this is it! :flower:



Thanks Hopeful. My OB also confirmed that I can schedule with them, so I guess when I go in for my first beta, I can just let them know I’m concerned about possible multiples and would like an earlier ultrasound.


My clinic is three hours away so I do all my bloodwork and monitoring locally. I have to pay for the ultrasounds out of pocket but I just go to my HMO’s Labcorp for bloodwork. This is all pre-pregnancy though. When I was pregnant I had my first ultrasound at 4 1/2 weeks because of bleeding and that was covered by insurance. I started seeing my OB at six weeks because I was starting to have hyperemesis and at 9 1/2 went to the peri. Once you’re pregnant I think most insurance plans will cover that stuff.