Going through IVF with Inerstitital Cystitis


Anyone out there going through IVF with IC?

Before starting IVF my symptoms were 100% under control. Before beginning Lupron I was told to stop my Elmiron and my Myrbetriq. I was fine during Lupron cause it killed my hormones, but during stims I began to flare and I had ER yesterday and my bladder is enraged!!! I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this pain. I started progesterone last night and I add another med HCG tonight for my transfer on Monday. Anyone have anything reassuring to say about IC during their pregnancy after doing IVF?


I have IC but I refuse to medicate and change my lifestyle instead, no coffee, caffeine, etc. I dont know how serious your IC is and if you still drink coffee, caffeine. I would stop doing anything that can cause flare up before you start your IVF cycle.


I have been on a strict IC diet for over a year. No caffeine, alcohol, soda, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, lemon, mayo, vinegar berries, citrus spices etc… That in combo with the meds helped me go into remission. Going off the meds and using all these hormones has caused me to flare. The ER yesterday really hurt my bladder too. I really want a baby and I have low reserve so waiting a long time is not an option. Plus DH has severe MFI. If I could calm the bladder down a little it would probably be pretty minor. I just don’t know how to do that without meds or an installation.


I’m not a doctor but could steroid help? Since it is also used in IVF to help implantation and help reduce inflammation maybe it could help reduce your flares?