Going to discuss some changes with my RE


I have taken, to date, 3 cycles of Clomid 50 mg. My first cycle, I had a follicle in each ovary. I wasn’t monitored with an us or bw after this cycle so I don’t know if I ovulated both or any. I am positive I felt the O pain on my right side shortly after getting a + on an opk. I think I o’d the right side at the very least.

My next cycle was going to be an IUI cycle but the timing didn’t work out so we tried naturally again. This cycle, I had only 1 follicle, again in my right. I didn’t feel any O pain this time, even though I had a + opk.

Third cycle did result in an IUI. This time around, still 1 follicle on my right. CD 14 it was 21 mm and if I was planning to trigger, I probably would have at this point. I figured I would get my + opk but I didn’t. However, I felt the O pain again on my right on cd 17. An us on cd 18 showed a corpus luteum so I definitely did O. We did an IUI anyway even though the timing was not ideal whatsoever.

So I guess I want to ask my RE if my Clomid dosage can be raised to 75 or 100 mg to get a better response. I am dealing with a low sperm count with my husband. That is one factor working against us. I am going to be using a trigger more than likely this next cycle, just based on my - opk last cycle. I do respond to the Clomid dosage I am on. But I feel like it keeps getting less responsive each time I take it. Has anyone had any success with a similar situation? Or has your RE been responsive to this change? Any help or support is much appreciated.


So you can see from my sig I too have PCOS and didn’t really respond well to Clomid. I wasn’t being monitored but I wasn’t having any success… and my OPKs were also all over the place. I’d get positives when I know I didn’t ovulate and not when I’d swear I did.
Though you may not be ready for this, if you get to injectables, don’t be too afraid. I was really worried moving from the Clomid. It meant that first line of attack wasn’t going to work, and also the thought of injecting myself freaked me out… but in the end it wasn’t even a fraction as bad as I thought, and it worked MUCH better for me (almost too good.)
Good luck to you!


[SIZE=3][B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]MissyInPA TTC – [/FONT][/B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]I have been on clomid 50mg then upped to 100mg. Neither of the dosages worked for me. I was then put on an aggressive protocol, low dose of bravelle, BFN. Then switched to a low dose of Follistim BFP. But it was a chemical pg. Once again I was switched to Menopur BFP but ectopic. [/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]I think changing your protocol would be beneficial. But then again you’d need to be monitored closely via ultrasound. Best wishes and tons of :babydust: [/SIZE][/FONT]