Going with IVF after 5 unsucessful IUIs


Hi All,

I am finally decided to go with IVF and also will be going to acupunture treatments.

The only reason i will be going with acuputure is IVF treatmenet has lot of medications and everyones body is different and reacts different to these medications. most of them have sideefffects. So i thought if i go with acupunture if will help support my health.

My RE did some blood work and siad i have high TSH 4.14 ie hypo throidism even though i dont see any symtoms as mentioned online …I used synthroid 50mcg for a month and it came down to 1.25. I have chapped lips ever since i started using Synthroid. if any one any clue please let me know?

My husband has 0 morph ie 0 normal shaped sperms… so he is put on Conception xr…

They did some blood test and said i dont have endometrosis…

I am just scared of the medications and injections and how my body reacts to them…

we are just waiting for insurance approval and will start the process soon.

Please let me know if i am on right track or did i miss anything

please feel free to share any suggestions you have after reading my situation…


Hello there. I too started with a few IUIs before moving to IVF. I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle. The side effects of the injections were not even a thought for me. I did not have any side effects and everything went smoothly. I must say I did do massages once a week before and into my first trimester. Massages increase the blood flow to your uterus enabling a better environment for baby. I realized that I should have gone with the IVF cycle right off the bat instead of wasting time with the IUIs. Our insurance covered the IUIs so that is why I went with them first. I would not worry about the side effects and try to manage your stress. The little stress you have the better.
Good luck to you and much baby dust coming your way!


ah thanks for your reply Kalika.

Have anyone had any chapped lips with Levothyroxine (Synthroid 50mcg). I am having some pain and swollen and chapped lips.

please share your experience and let me know what you did and if i have any solution for this chapped lips.


Hi, I am going thru my first IVF now, I tried out one IUI but I have blocked tubes and I knew it wasn’t going to work but because of insurance they required me to go that route anyways and I had to file an appeal… Thats another story LOL

Anyway, I started the IVF meds on 2/16 today will be the 10th day. So far so good. I think I am a little more tired than I usually am, but honestly I don’t feel anything else. I am starting to notice my waist is getting bigger and that is expected but other then that I am doing really good. I don’t feel like my hormones are out of control. Other then my sex drive has increased but that is always good. But I am not emotional and that is a blessing! My IUI I was on a roller coaster of emotions and I was scared that would be 100x’s worse with the IVF.