Gonal-F and Ovidrel (trigger and post shot)


First time posting here… have read prior entries about ovidrel trigger shots, and thought I’d throw out my question. My last period started on 2/24/13. I used Gonal-F and had 3 mature follicles. On 3/11/13, I took my Ovidrel trigger shot, and then tried naturally 36-48 hours later per doctor’s orders. Here’s the thing… They asked me to take a second Ovidrel shot on 3/18/13 to increase my progestrone. Today is 3/27/13 - 9 full days after the 2nd shot, and I took a First Response pregnancy test today and it was a definite positive. I wonder if it is chemical? I fear I have a slow metabolism… and I know this particular test to be really sensitive. I am feeling bloated, and have had some slight twinges/cramping/very slight breast soreness, but all very mild. I go in for my blood test on Monday, April 1st. Thoughts? I am sitting here wondering if I should tell anyone - including my hubby - don’t want to get hopes up just yet! We miscarried in July, 2012, and I’m still emotional over it…


I too had a booster shot after my IUI - the HCG will stay in your system much longer since you had two doses of it. Be cautious with HPT. I was told NOT to test at all because of the double shot…:cross: you have a good outcome but just be patient and wait for your beta.


I know it’s easier said than done. Especially when you had history of chemical pregnancy it is best to wait for blood work and for the second beta to double for confirmation. My beta is also on April 1st and I’ve been taking HPT as well but I’m going to wait for April 3rd (not April 1st) to be excited and hopefully my beta will double. Good luck to you.


Thank you for such a quick response!

Looks like you are going through a very similar waiting game… I will say prayers for both of us! You are right - thank you for the advice. I will try TRY to be more patient! :pray:


Thank you!

Also, great advice. And more :pray: for you as well!


Hopeful4Baby23 & Alexi

I wondered if you received any results in the last few days???

I went for blood work this morning. My HCG was 653… about 19 DPO. So it’s finally happened! Of course, I am scared to death given I had a miscarriage last summer, so not ready to completely celebrate yet, but it’s a wonderful next step. Still saying prayers for both of you to have wonderful news as well.