Gonal F Buddies Eeee


Anyone taking Gonal F? Any advice


I’m also using Gonal F for the first time. I’m in the middle of my cycle now and hoping to ovulate soon so we can do the IUI! I have lots of follicles and I’m hoping that that’s normal and just increases my changes of hopefully one getting fertilized and implanting.:pray:


I took Gonal F

I took it and it’s not so bad. :slight_smile:


I took it with the 1st 2 IUIs. It didn’t work for me. Just made me fat.


Gonal F doesn’t work instantly, before taking it we must consult with gynaecologist. :preg:


I took Gonal-F. I’m 3dpiui. I had no side effects. The doctor kept me on 75iu for 7 days then i triggered on CD11. I’m hoping for a :bfp: on 5/22. I only had 1 mature follicle at 19.3mm.