Gonal F cause early period?


Hi, I’m hoping you ladies can help me out. This is my first round of injectables. I did 7 days of shots and 7 days of femera pills. Yesterday I had some light spotting and got excited thinking it was implantation bleeding but today its gotten a little heavier and now I’m freaking out! Its only the 22nd day of my cycle way to early for my period and since I’ve been doing infertility treatments my cycle has been very regular. Has Gonal F caused anyone to start the period early? I’m still hoping its implantation bleeding. I’m not supposed to take a test until Nov. 30th. What do you all think?? I don’t want to tell my husband or mom and get them all excited if its just my period. Thanks!


That happened to me most times with the injectables- because the stims speed up your cycle, you’ll get your period sooner if the fertility treatment didn’t work. You can always test early.


My real period kicked in today. My Dr. says next cycle they are going to have me take prometrium starting day 18 which will help prevent spotting and help with my uterine lining. If I get a positive then I’ll keep taking it through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage. We’ll see how it goes. I won’t start the next round until the end the end of dec.