Gonal-F, Menopur, and Lupron...Just need some input...good, bad or other :-)


Boy! Reading all of these stories can leave a head spinning!!! LOL! I am so interested in all of the different experiences and stories you ladies share! It really humbles me and definitely deserves the utmost respect for what you all are going through! :clap: I have been very blessed in the past with 5 amazing human beans, now ages 23, 20, 18, 13, and 10. I married my fabulous husband in November who has not been able to have a child due to his ex-wifes repro problems and his low count. I am 43, and he is 40. I had a tubal 10 years ago, and we figured the best route for us would be IVF…so here we are!
I am on day 5 of stimulation with Gonal F 450, Menopur 150, and Lupron 1 unit. The concept of IVF for me up to this point was as far from reality as possible, but here I go. I knew NOTHING about any of this…and still know very little! So I guess I am just looking for any kind of input to give me an idea what to expect. My doctor and her nurse are informative but also…CYA! I am sure you guys understand that. Here are my thoughts at this point: I feel like these doses are higher than most from what I have read on some of these forums. I am having no side effects to speak of. Maybe a little breast tenderness, but thats about it. I am afraid that the meds are not working if I feel so normal…??? We go Thursday (2 days) for our ultrasound and bloodwork. Tentative retrieval in about 8 days and transfer 3 days after that. Has anyone had similar doses and what outcome/results did you have? All my prelim labs were good, just a lower AMH of .75. She said my ovarian reserve looked good for my age, but I am just so…unsure! Ugh!! All of you ladies seem so knowledgable, who better to turn to??? Thanks so much in advance for your words and enlightenment! :babydust: :babydust:


To be honest the doses seem appropriate specifically due to your age. I’m 39 with only my age being a factor and my doses were very similar. I’m on my second round of IVF and probably am deemed a ‘poor responder’. I get the sense my body just doesn’t respond to drugs very well. I probably would have tried a natural cycle but due to constraints with my donor sperm (I only had one more vial), I didn’t have a choice but go the drugs route. My ovarian reserve was relatively good too based on my age but my cycles each time produced fewer and fewer eggs. I didn’t have too many side effects either. When you go for your ultrasound, your doctor will be measuring your follicles and obviously taking note of how many. Ask questions during this time. What are they noticing? Ask for the measurements, write them down or get your husband do. Have you had any bloodwork while stimming? Usually this is protocol and then you’ll have a day when they do both - bloodwork and ultrasound. Make sure to get the results and numbers.

Not sure where you are located but I’m paying a lot for this so I expect all my information to be transparent and forthcoming. I’m currently in that waiting phase hoping that my embie has implanted…


:welcome: Queenmom6!

I am 38 and hubby is 40 and we are now pregnant with #4 after having 3 boys 13+ years ago. Mine are 20, 15, & 13. We had a vasectomy reversal after deciding we were done having kids and then 10 years later changed our minds and still really wanted to try for a girl. Of course we knew there was no guarantee we would even get pregnant let alone have a girl, but we just wanted to try and looked forward to having another lil one running around.

As I said my husband had a reversal, but then developed 95% antisperm antibodies so our only options were IVF w/ICSI or donor sperm. We were not open to the donor sperm since we already have bio kids so opted for the IVF w/ICSI and here we are surprised for our age that it worked the first try and that we were fortunate enough to have our dreams come true of finally expecting a girl.

Okay so…as far as the meds: I too did not really have any side effects (especially after only 5 days). My doses were also high which is common for us older gals. I took 3 vials of Menopur and 187.5IU Gonal F and Lupron 20Units 2x’s a day. I had some mild headaches and heartburn, but overall didn’t feel bad at all. Closer to my trigger and retreival I got a little uncomfortable when they would do the vaginal ultrasound and occasionally just felt a general heaviness, but it wasn’t bad. I also had one day where I was a little emotional, but that was it.

We ended up being able to transfer 1 CC Blast and 1 early blast and got pregnant with one (our little girl).

Also, I think my AMH was very similar to yours.

Good Luck! :flower:

Sending you lots of :babydust: :babydust:


ahnny - so glad to hear that your pregnancy is coming along so well!!!

Juia - I am also what one might consider a “poor” responder, as I generally produce 5-8 eggs. However, most fertilize naturally w/ IVF. Remember, it is a quality, not just quantity game.

queenmom - Juia has some good ideas. I agree. I am on day 4 of stimming and just starting to feel tired. Bloat sets in for me around day 8 usually. I am on 150 menopur and 300 bravelle. Welcome and good luck!

:bsv: and good chromies to all!


Thank you so much ladies!!! :flower: A few days have passed since my post and the side effects finally kicked in! :woohoo: I could feel my ovaries while simply walking! lol!! Happy to report everything looks great! I triggered last night and go for retrieval tomorrow am at 7! Squee!!! 2 days ago, I had 2 follies at 19+ mm, 2 at 18mm, 1 at 16mm, 1 at 13mm…also a few others smaller than 10. Very anxious to see how they have grown since then! Estradiol was over 1800! She said my lining looked gorgeous and let’s do this.

Julia–thank you for your advice! very sound and exactly what I needed to hear! Definitely sending you some :bsv: !

Ahhny–Congrats!!! Sound so familiar!!! I am going to be in shock to have a newborn in the house. I have gotten so used to self sufficient kiddos!!! Here is our next dilemma: How many embies to transfer! Having a positive and very fertile reproductive history, I am afraid to transfer too many, but do not want to “skimp” and risk none implanting! How do you decide? I would LOVE twins, one would be fabulous, but more than that…whew!

AliKat–Thanks! Appreciate the input! Day 8 was my roughest, very bloated and tender! Luckily, I was ready after 9 days :slight_smile: Ready to do this in less than 24 hours!!! Squee!!! Good luck to you!!


Lets see, I am 39 (almost 40) I also had very little side effects from the meds. I took Menopur 75 & Gonal F 300, added in Cetrotide .25mg, I stimmed for 14 days! And I worried most of the time because I felt totally normal. I think at one point I started to feel like my ovaries got heavier but even that went away. I got a little more tired. But throught it I was expecting to feel bloated and nauseated and nothing. However after the retrieval I gained 3-4 lbs. Even after the ER I felt like they didn’t do anything because I had hardly any spotting and basically no cramps!! But we did get 5 eggs! Only 4 fertilized but still I was happy to get that :slight_smile:


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Sounds just like me. I did not respond to those same drugs at those same levels. On acupuncture now hoping I’ll respond better next time.