Gonal F + Menopur + Ovidrel + TI = Success?


Hi everyone. A little background on my treatments. I did several timed intercourse cycles with Clomid alone, then my RE added Gonal-F/Ovidrel to the mix with no success with either protocol. My RE then did only Gonal-F (no clomid) and Ovidrel. I conceived twice on this protocol. The first ended in a very early miscarriage, and the second was an ectopic pregnancy. I overstimulated on the Gonal-F protocol more times that I care to remember, which equaled lots of cancelled cycles.

This leads me into my latest protocol which was a combo of Gonal-F and Menopur. The Menopur gave me awful side effects but I responded well, with one follie measuring at 20 on cycle day 8. My E2 levels were at 1652 so my RE had me trigger this past Friday night. DH and I had timed intercourse over the weekend and if all was on track, I would have ovulated yesterday. I started Crinone today, which is definitely not my friend but I am hopeful that it will help.

My question is this. Has anyone had success with a similar combo of meds and timed intercourse? I have searched high and low but most of the information I have found with this medicine protocol is about IVF patients. Anyone’s input/advice would be greatly appreciated!